By AN Jay on December 10, 2010

23 Logos (With Innovative Ideas) That Make You Say WOW

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This is the post dedicated to the creative examples of logo designs. In this post, we will give you an idea in one place to see an attractive usage of innovative ideas to get viewers attention. The execution of ideas,  color scheme, illustration and look and feel of these logos are stunning. This list is not long in numbers, but I promise you that when you start watching them it will really inspire you.

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Lion Bird



Kitten & Chickens

Sleep Records


Techie Talk


Step To End Poverty

Williamson Pottery

Dog Paw

Aime Paris


The Scrapbook Bunny

Music Poet

Black Dog


Animals Today




Mr. Couch

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imaginative … and creative.

Even displaying these are examples of good logo design is a bit intellectually dishonest.

It’s obvious that these people took the logo, and built a brand concept around them. Logo designers never get that kind of freedom. They are asked to design a logo around a brand, or name that already exists.

Yes, how creative – Lion Bird…now if I could just find a company named Lion Bird out there.

This is fun to look at – but it’s an exercise for fun, not an example of good logo design that are based on customer constraints.

I agree with E.T.Cook

They should award people for these kinds of creative logos, but they are often fictional. I say applaud them, but only award those that are active logos; ie. they are actual logos in use.

Very inspiring. Even if they are fictional, they serve to demonstrate how creativity and great design can deliver a message with style!

Very cool! Thank you for the inspirational, idea-starting collection.

While many of the ideas here are strong in terms of the icon, the typography is often poor: ill-considered to work with the mark, poorly set, etc. A good logo is more than a pretty picture. It comprises thoughtfully chosen and set type, and color palette, not to mention positioning within a competitive landscape.

I have to agree with other commenters that looking at real logos for real companies is perhaps more useful.

Some awesome logos, but wtf is doodie call. Seriously, do people call them when there dogs done one?

E.T.Cook & 13thGeneral are totally wrong since they don’t think wide enough and they just want the logo designers to create what the clients request ONLY.

The designers have their freedom to create logos that can make meanings and if you go to the sources of the logos above you can read the description and concepts behind those logos.

Yes, it’s possible to find companies which have logos like Lion Bird. For instance FIREFOX …

Most of the logos here are meaningful and it’s not easy to bring out gestalt logos.

Nice collection! Loved em…

Wow these logos are awesome.
I love the use of negative space and the great ideas – very inspiring indeed.

“It’s obvious that these people took the logo, and built a brand concept around them. Logo designers never get that kind of freedom. They are asked to design a logo around a brand, or name that already exists.”

Thanks for the comments, however Techie Talk was a project undertaken for an i-phone application that provides a translations to geeky talk.

Liked lionbird and kingline as lions are my favorite. Watch this one too…

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