Now Pilot Handwriting Helps You Send Emails In Your Own Handwriting


13 Responses

  1. Jimmy Joe says:

    Wow, now thats what I am talking about dude. Amazing.


  2. Darrell Shandrow says:

    Please keep in mind that these handwritten letters are not accessible to blind people and some others with print reading disabilities. Please keep this in mind. It certainly can’t be used for any sort of business, government or other forms of official communication.

  3. truthy mctruth says:

    You’re also giving away not only your qualified email address, but those of all the people you send your handwritten email to, and the sites developers are free to use/sell them whenever they want, regardless of their stated policy. And you wonder why you get to much spam.

    Avoid these websites. They’re evil.

  4. Jeff says:

    You CAN download the font that you create. The instructions are on the tutorial on the PDF document.

    * Why should I download my font? Your digital handwriting is yours! By downloading it, you’ll be able to use it in all kinds of applications. For example, Microsoft Office or Pho- toshop.

    * How do I download my font? Access your font by going to the name of your font here with no spaces between the letters.) Once you’re at the writing page, click on the “download font” icon.

    It then gives instructions on how to install it depending on whether you have a mac or pc.

  5. k2 herb says:

    This sounds awesome… Great idea.

  6. Liz says:

    Why would this be inaccessible to the blind? It’s a FONT. It’s not *actual* handwriting, but a translation of that into a FONT. You could change it from that to braille to Times New Roman if you wanted.

  7. Ian Butterworth says:

    Here is another site which charges $9.95 for your own font to keep.

  8. K2 incense says:

    I’ve seen this done elsewhere but you ARE able to download the font.

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