7 Situations When Designers Outsource (To Other Designers)


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  1. BlitzSurfer says:

    I think number 1 and 4 should be the same tab, but I agree with your entire post. As a web designer, I’ve had to outsource to other designers to fit tight schedules and to juggle lots of clients.

  2. John T says:

    We’ve been considering outsourcing front-end web design for a whilte now and DesignCrowd looks brilliant. Thx for the article Chris!

  3. Paul says:

    Yeh the outsourcing industry is really booming, It is crazy how people are outsourcing work to other who may be outsourcing it to other for even cheaper.

    Check out http://www.freelancer.com

    They are the largest outsourcing site in the world

  4. Hermitbiker says:

    I like your article here at “SmashingApps”…. explains things very well and adds ideas for how some of us could make some money when first getting started in the business !!

  5. özel ders says:

    thanks. these sites are good

  6. Houston web design says:

    Wow… I’m stunned you could do that.

  7. Grace Bong says:

    where is your SHARE button? the one i can click and share this link on my social media account? you must have one…it surely helps your site’s online presence. i also want to share this to my friends…surely they’ll appreciate it. many thanks for this great blog.

  8. liberty says:

    We all have our capabilities. If the client is asking beyond our capabilities then we should try to outsource it. Outsourcing just because you have taken more than you could handle is just plain stupidity.You are shortchanging your clients.

  9. norjannah says:

    hi! i knew a Freelancer and have faced all the problems you mentioned in the articles. There are a lot of people on the net who have a couple of dollars and an idea. Most of these buyers post the project on freelancers sites in an anticipation that the project will go perfectly and they will get the program of their dreams despite a very restricted budget.

    I feel very sorry about those Indian Freelancers who get trapped with buyers, who are good at describing a project’s requirements in 3 lines on a freelancer’s site and then turning it to 3 pages eventually.

    Anyways, thats really a good effort from you.

    Keep writing.

  10. Brett Widmann says:

    This is a helpful article. Sometimes freelancers or businesses for that matter can get boggled down with work so out sourcing can be very helpful.

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