LayerOnline: Need For Speed – Google loves it fast


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  1. Branson says:

    I see what you did there….

    “fastest hosting…”
    “100% uptime hosting”


  2. dave says:

    That’s a s***** website, especially for a hosting company. I wonder how much money they paid for that post

  3. Ben says:

    Did I miss the part inm the article that explains how they are, “able to maintain 100% uptime even under digg effect”? 100% uptime is quite a claim but I can see nothing to support how they can guarantee this.

    I’ve done some testing today on WP sites they claim to host as well as on itself and the response time was slower, and data transfer rates 33% – 50% less than a equivalent sites on another shared host.

    I’d like to be convinced but would need some objective evidence of how they can “outperform our competitors by 60 times or more”.

    Is it Christmas Day tomorrow or April Fools Day?

  4. jess says:

    If I would have known about it earlier I would have sign-up for the light plan. Layeronline sounds like an old photoshop site. Nice design.

  5. Matthew says:

    @Ben do you have any recomendations for a good hosting company at a similar price range? I’m looking for a good host for a new site I’m launching, but don’t want to pay too much up front. Most “cheap” host have such slow-loading home pages that I’m scared my site would be slow also! LayerOnline’s page is fast itself, but I’ve never heard of them before this article.

  6. Huken says:

    I don’t belive…

  7. Alienware says:

    I’m sure LayerOnline doesn’t have permission to be using Alienware’s machines on their site.

  8. Homer says:

    I tried LayerOnline after reading this. The result: I canceled service after a couple of months. Speeds were horrible. The same site that loaded in a second or two using Hostgator loaded in 20-30 seconds using LayerOnline.

    Their customer service was fine. They politely refunded my money. They did offer to move me to a different server, but I declined.

  9. Maryam Kaur says:

    Need For Speed is the best game that i have ever played.’:.

  10. Sarah Graham says:

    i play Need For Speed all night long, this game is really cool and very addictive.`*:

  11. Luke Jackson says:

    Need For Speed is a great game that i enjoy playing all day long`-.

  12. Al says:

    So they might attract some *ssh*les that should go VPS or Dedicated, while having no policy against overdrawing, so then the resources draw back for all users on a server.

    Then how they handled the issue shows their great intentions, but maybe they had a strong sudden growth and temporary not the people to tackle the problem. I hope its not their financing, as one needs a lot of additional financing on a sudden growth, as they don’t pay off within years.

  13. Wall Heater : says:

    would you believe that i played Need For Speed almost 24 hours a day for about a week, this is a very addictive game”;

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