SmashingApps.Com Got Google PageRank 4 In Just 1 Month and 15 Days!

SmashingApps.Com Got Google PageRank 4 In Just 1 Month and 15 Days! 1

We are very glad today to know that got Google PageRank 4.

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We are just 1 Month and 15 Days old today on world-wide-web. Just to share my experience with you I want to share some suggestions and tips for you to promote your website as well to get heavy traffic and good pagerank.

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To drive good traffic to your site, you need to pay attention to two things:

1. Have quality content on your site in the interest of your website visitors.

2. Have quality links pointing to your site or even better if you are able to exchange links at least when your starts.

3. If your website content is really helpful then you will get link backs automatically sa there are alot of bloggers will share your blog link on their website.

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If you have more ideas, tips, trick and suggestions to get heavy traffic please share with us.