7 Awesome And Useful Software For Linux


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  1. Satya Prakash says:

    I have used GuardDog and also Bluefish.
    BlueFish was not that good at that time compared to Quanta. Quanta is very good but little resource hungry.

  2. Nathan says:

    I used Bluefish when I was on Gnome, now I’m using Quanta. Beside that, I can’t help myself and I’m still a Photoshop maniac. For everything else, there’s mas… umm, web apps :).

  3. George says:

    One of my fav apps of late is the free Komodo editor from activestate


  4. Kristofer says:

    I am grateful to the open source community for the hours and hours of terribly frustrating, difficult work, allowing us to enjoy and use these tools. Thank you!


    Why does every linux (and windows, for that matter) piece of software look like crap? I have no desire to look at the screenshots for more than a second before my eyes hurt.

    What’s wrong with us? Aren’t there any open source friendly designers out there, or are we all, to a person, hopelessly visually impaired geeks? Ugh.

  5. Tiberiu says:

    I would also like to mention Open Office

  6. Giorgio Sironi says:

    I prefer gnucash over kmymoney… 🙂

  7. dizi izle says:

    Now everyone’s running out of windows to linux.

  8. film izle says:

    Linux, very good because it is unlicensed.

  9. todconverter says:

    goood very good
    TS Converter for Mac

  10. Ruslana says:

    Good, good, good.

  11. ghd Hair staightener says:

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  12. Petyuha says:

    I prefer Linux Ubuntu))

  13. Mohammedendris says:

    Thank you for your help

  14. learning Chinese says:

    it will really help you to perform your task in a better way when your pocket does not allow you to purchase commercial software.

  15. lv says:

    Thank you for your help!!good

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