Believe It Or Not But These Are Not Photoshopped

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  1. CRMT says:

    Once again, saying ‘not Photoshopped’ really means ‘Photoshopped’. I get it…they’re real photographs, but they’re almost all ‘Photoshopped’ — HDR, vignetting, color replacement, vibrance, etc. If it isn’t straight from the camera, it’s been ‘shopped…

    Some cool pics though.

  2. Greg Andrew says:

    I agree to CRMT
    if you are have a little clue about photography you can clearly see, all these photos have been photoshopped. Maybe not created or added things that werent in the frame.. But all are vibrak, color corrected and replacement.

  3. John Davis says:

    Wow, that needle one looks quite scary!


  4. Faysal says:

    This is clearly all photoshopped, but I will give you it was not all drawn. Every last one of them. sorry.

  5. PP says:

    Not photoshopped eh? Why can you see the reflection of the blue sky on the motorcycle body?

  6. BUll says:

    The motorbike is photoshopped. Its badly cutout and look at the shadows on his knee. Is the sun beneath him???

  7. Marius says:

    In the second image, the dude with the bike is added – check out the small white contour on the helmet and under his arm. Also, background sky has a lot of noise, the dude doesn’t. The shadow is well placed though.

    But all have some degree of “photoshopping”, even if it’s some small colour correction or noise removal.

  8. Paul O'Mahony (Cork, Ireland) says:

    Thank you all. I was prepared to accept on trust that the photographs hadn’t been photoshopped, and simply admire them. By your comments you’ve alerted me to noticing more. If I can’t recognise a photoshop how can I hope to take decent photographs.

  9. Mitch says:

    The second one is badly photoshopped. The shadows on the man do not fit with the sun position. Except this one, all other are great photos.

  10. Rob says:

    Sorry but the second one is clearly a fake, no one is that good at getting motion that vivid, crisp and clear in colour. Don’t quite buy the movement of the tire treads over the cloud and spokes either.
    But there are some really amazing pics here tho!!!

  11. venkat says:

    I can’t beleive that these are not photoshoped.

  12. Jerri says:

    Interesting selection. Love the lightning and the last water reflection. Although I agree with everyone about the 2nd one.

    People, don’t confuse photomanipulation with Photoshopped… Nearly all photos posted online have some editing done to them: cropping, color correction, dodge, burn, etc.

    Maybe a closer eye next time though. 😉 Good selection.

  13. Ken Weinert says:

    And on the 2nd one – how is it the tread is blurred, but the spokes are not?

  14. Stephan Modry says:

    Awesome photos.

    To all the guys that say that the bike jumper is ps’ed: Ever heard of ‘off camera flash’? It’s clearly flashed from beneath the subject.

  15. Jon Limjap says:


    If you’ve had enough experience with studio light setups, and how sunlight + artificial light + reflected light plays with each other, it’d still be impossible to reproduce that exact lighting.

    Besides, the real giveaway for the 2nd pic is not the lighting, it’s the residual cut-pixels clearly visible in the wrist of the rider. Any strong flash will give a clear demarcation between skin color, or the red glove, and the sky. It won’t go skin color, white pixel, then sky.

    In fact that’s an example of poor Photoshop skillz right there.

    I also have serious doubts about the “Go Fast” photograph. The giveaway here are the sideview mirrors: any exposure long enough to produce such heavy perspective and motion blur should produce the same amount of motion blur on the reflections on the sideview mirrors. They didn’t. Also, for such a long exposure the speedometer or tachometer (whichever that instrument is) needle would have changed; it’s nearly impossible for that to stay in one place for that long, specially in such a crowded setting.

    Same streaking should also have been seen in the reflection in the fuel tank (smooth body area at the bottom of the photo)

  16. chris brice says:

    I agree.. If you know anything about photoshop you know what to look for.. they are original pictures but have been brought into photoshop and “buffed up”.. you can tell especially in the motorcycle one.. look in the right side view cars or lights..hhmm..suspect i think so..

  17. Stephan Modry says:

    If the lighting with the proper remote triggered flashes is right it is possible to create the effect seen here. Did you see the other published shot by Chris Hultner of a Motorbike jump? Here: It’s done using 2 radio controlled vivitar strobes. I admit it looks almost like being ps’ed but there are still photographers out there that know their trade. (At least I sincerely hope so.)

  18. Dave Sparks says:

    Some nice looking stuff, aside from the arguments about the bike pictures “These are not photoshopped in terms of that all the objects and their actions are real but might be edited for colors adjustments etc.”
    That means they are still photoshopped!

  19. pipoyetico says:

    Bad title, I lost 3 minutes but you won, at the end your really made me to loose trust on thsi website with that misleading title.

  20. Star says:

    The picture with the television tower looks wonderful. You don’t see such a color that often. But still there are always people that will say that some photo has been ps’ed just because they cannot imagine that such beautifull photos exist. I am not saying that all of the photo’s above are free from any photoshop activities, but still.

  21. Magnetic Bar says:

    So beautifull picture I am not saying that all of the photo’s above are free from any photoshop activities, but still.

  22. Oliver says:

    There are some really nice photos here and even though they are not photoshop free they are still great examples of what can be achieved. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  23. Rak says:

    I have to admit that I’m slightly skeptical of a couple, but I may be wrong. Nevertheless great collection of incredible photographs.

  24. dizi izle says:

    I use photoshop like a great program

  25. film izle says:

    photoshop and corel draw beautiful graphics programs.

  26. Buggy says:

    All these are shopped. 🙂

  27. mrak911 says:

    Wow, that needle one looks quite scary!

  28. rekokros says:

    Buggy<<< why do u think my heart is photoshopped? dont u think clouds can take that shape? i was just lucky to catch it becasue i hunt clouds, believe or not i did not shopped it u just to shopped about pictures that u cant catch by yourself

  29. Chris Hultner says:

    Of course my motocross photo was processed through photoshop, all photos are run through PS. However nothing was added or taken away from this photo.

    I’ll admit I did a poor job of over-saturating the sky–did it on the quick.

    The photo was shot with off camera flash (a Norman 200C camera left) with a Nikon D70 at F/10 1-1000th. That’s why there’s a shadow across the knee.

    You can check my Flickr page for other examples from this shoot.

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  33. sonucu says:

    Nevertheless great collection of incredible photographs.

  34. tedavi ilaç says:

    of incredible photographs.

  35. oyun yükle says:

    of incredible photographs.

  36. John says:

    can see where these have been photoshopped, but amazing photos

  37. Schedule says:

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  38. Gforce says:

    Why does no one here believe these could be real? On the motorcycle, the blue on the gas tank is from the display…
    On Trey Canard the dirt bike, yes the underside of his leg is lit up, its called lights and a flash. These are easily all very real.

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