21 Brilliant Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not


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  1. kurye says:

    Check out these pictures… Posted on September 7, 2009 by Sylvia I found this website from on on the people that I am following on Twitter. Guy Kawasaki always post some interesting links and this on one of them. Brilliant Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not

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  3. John Foy says:

    Wow! Torch for Seattle is really creative!

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  5. mr dinosaur says:

    you might think there photoshoppd but there not i just love the bubble one though thats awsome

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  12. raaz says:

    I cant believe this… things are awsome.. raaz

  13. priam says:

    pics are beautifully designed..

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  23. Tuvie says:

    “Infinite Possibilities by Philip Perold”<– are you sure it's not photoshoped? Coz there are no footprints at all.

    I love Nelly! Cute dog.

    — Tuvie
    Industrial Design

  24. kinesio tape says:

    I love Nelly! Cute dog.

  25. donal says:

    its original shot, photoshop use only to enhance color, brightness, and saturation. But No Manipulation Digital at All.

  26. me ! says:

    them are soooo good !! 🙂

  27. chord says:

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  30. Chicago Lawyers says:

    The ball of life photo is “Brilliant.” I agree with many of the posters that it’s hard to believe none of these photos were photoshopped or manipulated in any way. Excellent list. Thanks for sharing.

  31. jim at how to take good pictures says:

    All I can say is wow. One unbelievable picture after another. Girl falling up is the one I like best, If I had to pick…

  32. cosplay says:

    I love Nelly! Cute dog.

  33. sogarab says:

    Pics are beautifully designed. Thanks

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    However, I still like to think that really did happen, somewhere, sometime.

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  37. sogarab says:

    WoW what kinda camera was used?!
    Verry nice..
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    They are real photo,not made by photoshop. Beautiful!

  40. City of Houston says:

    Incredible and creative photos. I’m glad to see some people actually taking the time and effort to create such works of art and not relying on Photoshop.

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