Eight Most Useful And Robust Twitter Tools


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  1. Timothy says:

    Tweetdeck is prime

  2. Fred Smilek says:

    Very useful tools!

    Fred Smilek

    Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species.
    It was founded two years ago. http://fredjsmilek.com

  3. Gregory Culpin (MicroPlaza) says:

    Thanks for this compilation and it’s great to see with the latest tool MicroPlaza how much Smashing Apps articles are being relayed inside Twitter: http://tr.im/ikEB

    If you actually thought “Twitter search” was useful, play a little more with MicroPlaza as there are so many more cool features under the bonnet once you have full access (currently the tool is still under private beta)

    Anyway you’re welcome to follow http://twitter.com/microplaza and ask for an invite. Cheers!


  4. Dejan says:

    Something very promising, although still in beta:

  5. John jones says:

    OMGosh dude no way, right when I thought Twitter couldnt get any better!


  6. Carlos says:

    Tweetdeck is great! Love having everything in one place!

  7. dc says:

    A client app that will post a single tweet to multiple twitter accounts?

    I need a simple iPhone app or client app that will post a single tweet to multiple twitter accounts. http://splitweet.com/ does a nice and simple job of this on the web. Hootsuite makes it to complicated for my tastes. But I cant find any client apps that do this. Especially on the iphone.

  8. kevin says:

    Don’t forget BubbleTweet for adding a video message to your Twitter page:


  9. Japh says:

    Great list, but how did Tweetie not make it in??

    Best Twitter client for iPhone:

  10. Anuj Seth - Twitdom says:

    Nice list.

    Check out our website with over 650 Twitter Apps listed. You can find other useful apps as well 🙂

  11. nazra says:

    Try check out Seesmic Desktop application for Twitter. It’s cool!

  12. baddy says:

    Tweetdeck is great!

  13. srdha says:

    i gust want to say some thing “great job”

    Update your Twitter randomly according to your intrest Or, from Rss Feed Or, from your own tweet message list Or, Any combination of the above three http://feedmytwitter.com

  14. jane says:

    http://textsnip.com is a good way to paste a large block of text into a tweet. no password, no sign up

  15. Justin K. says:

    Great post! You should add Ref.ly to your list. It’s an amazing new tool for turning Bible verses into short URLs.

  16. Martin Bastin says:

    Try this tool if you want kick ass Twitter backgrounds that will make your links clickable. http://bit.ly/RhSZ7

  17. Nilimesh says:

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  18. Twitter Tools says:

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