31 Most Colorful Collection Of High Quality Free Texture Packs


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  1. Online says:

    I’m definitely going to bookmark you! Thank you for your info. Good post and nice design, is this a regular template?

  2. Dave says:

    Hi there, broken and rotten textures at it´s best…
    I found http://www.hightextures.com. Great free textures and a awesome texture pack called basicedition that also includes raw formats and normal maps. Best textures I have seen so far…

  3. Vicky says:

    Estoy encantada con estos diseños. Lo andaba buscando. Gracias.

  4. Adobe Designer says:

    Great collection! +1 for http://www.texturemate.com

  5. gögüs büyütücü says:

    göğüs büyütücü

  6. Rolf Baenteli says:

    I am interested in using your picture textures-05-stock-pack.jpg as background an a webpage of a lady who does storytelling. Is that possible and what would you want for it? I am looking forward to your answer!
    Kind regards
    Rolf Baenteli

  7. GfxPlace - Free Graphics says:

    Other site: http://www.gfxplace.com/ – Free Graphics and Textures for your commercial games and projects!.

    You can find: Textures, sprites, animations, gamepacks, tiles, backgrounds…

  8. davidsunil says:

    good to see i need to see more & if it is possible please sent the catlogs


  9. Linda says:

    Fabulous collection! much appreciated..

  10. DmitriyTL says:

    Library of quality high resolution textures. Free for personal and commercial use.

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