6 Free Tools To Help You Run Windows Applications On Linux


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  1. Staicu Ionut says:

    I really think that it’s way easy to run… windows. Directly! Why should you bother with emulators & stuff like that?

  2. Jon Davis says:

    You forgot mono. Wine is not complete without mono.

  3. Fallout 3 Patch says:

    I have only heard of wine and that was it. That is a pretty impressive list of everything else. I tried linux but I always ran back to windows because I knew how to use it.

  4. Pelle says:

    I like KVM as an alternative to VirtualBox or Xen, it’s fully open-source and even included in the linux kernel. The only downside is that it needs virtualisation support on your processor.

  5. Ins Horfalds says:

    KVM is the new standard for Linux

  6. James Jones says:

    The problem with all the alternatives save WINE is that they require one to buy a copy of Windows. I have no interest in doing anything that benefits the Evil Empire, for the same reason I have no interest in doing anything that supports organized crime or al Qaeda.

  7. Vincent Kriek says:

    Are you really comparing Microsoft with Al Qaeda? Microsoft is just a big company who is trying to make as much money as they can.

    The article is actually just a collection of virtual machines and wine, wich dissapointed me a little. I was hoping to see new ways to run windows apps on a linux box.

  8. agus says:

    i think this is not about “windows application” but windows OS it self. For win app, we use Wine

  9. erichansa says:

    Unfortunately, all the alternatives save WINE require that one buy a copy of Windows to run Windows programs, and I want none of my money to go to the Evil Empire.

  10. Beaner says:

    Wow, Being disgusted with Vista I have been considering the switch to Linux however, certain Windows applications are critical to my business. This may be the answer. thank you.


  11. vmware server says:

    free tools include vmware server and vmware esx server 3i which beats all this above mentioned shit products to dust.
    believe it or not, virtualization is incomplete and incompete without vmware.

    i am not a big fan of vmware, but thats the fact.

  12. vmware server says:

    the above guy is right. list if about free tools and not open source tools. please fix the article.

  13. surf says:

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  14. Uedson says:

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  15. Danh ba web 2.0 says:

    Thanks for list. Keep Up !

  16. Wyatt says:

    I know it’s not free or open source, but you can use CrossOver to run Windows applications on Linux. It’s really just a better interface to WINE, but it helps. Also, wine-doors is a great application that acts as a front-end to WINE as well.

  17. Dmitry Sherman says:

    anybody has success running maplestory on any of the application virtualizers like wine ?

  18. Jackie says:

    Nice list. I’ve been a big windows user my whole life, i didn’t get into linux until last year, and now I’ve completely turned into a linux girl 😉 I do use windows on occasion for school stuff, but I use a windows VM.
    I really weant to see what this windows 7 looks like,

  19. design says:

    Basically it s just Wine and Virtual Machine software.

  20. goner says:

    rdesktop?? Yeah – that’s great, but YOU STILL NEED A WINDOWS BOX TO BE RUNNING SOMEWHERE!! That’s not really running an application on linux.

    Anyway – the rest of the list was really good, I hadn’t heard of many of them before. Thank you.

  21. Vairavel says:

    *.Windows DOS Mode Program run for Linux Terminel Window.
    *.File Mounding from Windows system to Linux system With in LAN.
    *.BUY Directional option for Linux & Windows.

  22. Gary says:

    Great post! I am contemplating the switch from Windows to Linux and appreciate you listing all these tools. Do you know how effective it is to use programs like remote control software? Will programs like Proxy Pro 6 still function in Linux? Thanks.

  23. terkoz says:

    Basically it s just Wine and Virtual Machine software.

  24. Tom says:

    Just installed unbuntu 9.04 on a Compaq Pressario C714NR notebook pc and have everything working. This is the first version of unbubtu that I have been able to figure out how to make everything work. Thanks for the list I have been wanting to try wine but never liked any version of linux enough to stick with it for more than a few weeks until now.

  25. Abercrombie and Fitch says:

    thanks for the list, i just installed it today!abercrombie

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  27. web designer in india says:

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  28. Ron Hyatt says:

    If you have an underpowered box that you’ve converted to linux, and need to run a dotnet 3.5 or higher app, the only solution listed above that works is rdesktop. Then you need a win XP or 7 box to login to , patched to allow concurrent connections. an XP VM on a 5 year old midline Dell with 512 MB isn’t going to cut it, and WINE doesn’t do .net 3.5.

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