11 Free Websites To Send And Recieve Large Files Quickly


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  1. Trevor says:

    anyone know which of these will work in China?
    i need to send large files to China but the great firewall is blocking all the usual ways that i would try.


  2. Frank says:

    Hey Trevor,

    Have you tried filesdirect? It’s partially developed in China, so it may work there… (http://www.filesdirect.com)

  3. Marcus says:

    Great list. Another service that could be included is http://www.filesanywhere.com/. It is comparable to most of the ones listed. The free account has up to 1 GB of free storage. After that, there are different paid levels to choose from if more storage is needed.

  4. Abby Castro says:

    Great collection! I will definitely try one of those

  5. uzair inam says:

    Nice site i got alot of information from here.
    And very easy to share the files with other by
    reading your site

  6. wumbrath says:

    Nice list. If you are looking for a site to send large files completely free you could use http://www.click2copy.com
    There are no file size or speed restrictions.

  7. Daniele Bazzano says:

    Very useful roundup of services, thank you so much!

    I understand that also Robin Good has a nice list
    of tools to send large files which currently counts
    more than 100 services, both free and paid:

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