Lets Take A Look At Fisheye Menu Component v0.3

Lets Take A Look At Fisheye Menu Component v0.3 1

The Fisheye component is based around the concept of itemRenderer factories, just like the flex list and charting components. The goal is to use composition to separate behavior from content, so you can reuse the basic fisheye effect across many different applications and uses. It’s available under the MIT Open Source license, so feel free to use it or modify it in your own applications.

Fisheye Component 2D screen

The Fisheye component uses a pattern that’s been coming up a lot lately where the intended layout of the component is not the same as the actual layout.

In this case, the fluid animation as you move the mouse across the component is built by migrating the actual layout of the renderers towards the intended layout (as determined by the mouse position) over time. You can check out how it will look in action 1D Demo and 2D Demo

Fisheye Component 1D screen