Get Your Twitter Alerts Via SMS Worldwide For Free

Get Your Twitter Alerts Via SMS Worldwide For Free 1


Many of us are really an addict of twitter. Twe2 is a service that makes you enjoy the twitter more than before. This is Free SMS alerts worldwide service and specially in Europe to get twitter updates. You will not charge a single cent to receive a twitter alert SMS on your mobile phones.


Twe2 is absolutely free for everyone and you can enjoy it when you are not online on twitter. You can get your Direct Messages by SMS, your @Replies by SMS, search and interesting stuff via SMS. Twe2 free service is available in lots of countries.

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They need your twitter login and password to make this service workable for you. But they promise to keep everything safe and secure. The Twe2 service currently in beta and to keep Twe2 free, they append an advert from the network onto each SMS from the advertising network which is a small price to pay for such a great and useful service.


When you login to Twe2 with your twitter username and password it will then ask for you country and the mobile phone number. It will then send you a confirmation sms with a code that you will need to enter in the Twe2 Mobile settings section. Above is the screenshot of Twe2 dashboard with statistics of Twe2 usage for total alerts sent to you and much more interesting stats that you might be interested in…