ClueApp: Identify The Most Impactful Elements On Your Website

ClueApp: Identify The Most Impactful Elements On Your Website 1

The aim of a website owner is not only to get maximum traffic per day, but also to develop a loyal viewership. There might be many people who visit your website for the first time. However chances of the second visit depend entirely on the first visit’s impression.

As a site owner you need to know what it is on your site that leaves an impression on the visitor. Usually, for this purpose, heatmaps are employed by site owners. These maps highlight the site regions of most activity. But they do not reveal what about your website left an impression on the visitor. For that, you could use the brilliant web service ClueApp.


ClueApp is a free to use web service that helps you determine what about your website a visitor remembers. The procedure is fairly simple. You pass your site’s URL to ClueApp’s interface. The service then takes a snapshot of your website and hosts it online for 24 hours. The URL of the image can be shared amongst users and friends. The URL shows image for five-and-a-half seconds and then asks the visitor the top 5 thinks he / she remembers about the site. Later you can view what visitors to the URL had typed in as those 5 memorable things.

For example, suppose Yahoo! wanted to find what was memorable about their Yahoo! News page. Yahoo! News could be passed through the ClueApp interface which is located on the site’s homepage. Clicking on the “Create Memory Test” button will initiate the snapshot taking process. With the image created, a URL is provided for the image.


You can copy the URL and share it with others or use the provided buttons to directly share via emailing, Facebook, or Twitter. The “Report URL” is where the results will be aggregated – this is the URL you will visit yourself.

Visitors to the URL will first get a message that they are about to look at a screenshot.


The screenshot remains for about 5 seconds.


After the time is up, visitors fill in the form.


The results are then listed alongside the website’s screenshot.


In conclusion, ClueApp helps site owners identify the most impactful elements on their pages. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.