Getting Things Done With Stylish To-Do List Management Application

Most people keep their to-do lists on pieces of paper (which has it’s upsides!) But many other people have found it useful to have their to-do list on their computer as well. They spend much of the day working on their computer, so it is always there – paper can easily get misplaced – or sometimes you forget to bring your list with you when you leave.

Do It Do It Done

Do It Do It Done provide a simple tool for creating and managing your to-do list and all with a bit of fun and flare.

Some distinct advantages, such as…

  • you can access it from anywhere you have access to the net.
  • you can share the list with anybody you like just by sending them a link.
  • you and your friend can both add items and cross them off
  • you can save paper (it’s a bit “eco”! 😉
  • less trash to mess your desk or washing machine! (you know you’ve done this!)
  • you can make as many as you like! No registration needed!