All About Grunge: 60 Useful Examples, Tutorials and Free Resources


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  1. Sandra says:

    Great collection! Will turn out really useful.

  2. Art Saborio says:

    Yes I agree with you on this. It does not seem like the Grunge themes and designs are going anywhere soon. I think that is a good thing. For the longest time we had to view very bland looking sites that really did not convey much to the topic of the website. These newer designs really enable the site owner to get across their ideas through a unique web design. Good post and excellent examples.

  3. Anneka Mistry says:

    Grunge and retro style designs are definitely here to stay! I think designers are experimenting more with different styles in website design as it is becoming a lot easier to code different and unusual elements on a page. The use of grunge fonts are also a lot easier to incorporate with font replacement techniques like the Google font book and @font face. Grunge can work with many styles in more subtler ways. I thinks its a good way to start experimenting with your designs as you can apply it to smaller elements first until you feel more comfortable with it.

  4. smurfalurf says:

    thx for this great post. love the examples and textures!

    i want to add another great grunge site:

  5. شات الطائف says:

    Thanks for sharing these cool