By Akhter on May 4, 2011

66 Desirable Photoshop Brush Sets For Creating Colorful Lighting Effects

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Having a quality set of Photoshop brush pack in place is like the icing on the cake for the designer when he is up to creating a new design. Graphic designers use different types of brush sets to give their design an edge that sets it apart from others’ work.

High quality Adobe Photoshop brush set without a doubt is an inevitable tool for the designers and artists. Therefore, we have assembled this post where we are showcasing huge remarkable and striking light effects Photoshop brush packs. We hope that this collection will come in handy in particular when you are running out of the time.

MistyLight Brushes (5 Brushes)

ExtremelyABSTRACT (20 Brushes)

Galactic Brushes (10 brushes)

Abstract Brushes Vol 8

Silicon Brushes (7 brushes)

Christmas Brushes

Quantum Brushes

High-Res Glowing Light Stream (6 Brushes)

Sui Generis Brushes Volume 1 (10 brushes)

Beser Brushes (8 brushes)

High Res Photoshop Lens Flare (20 Brushes)

Evasion Brush Set (18 brushes)

Space Light Brushes for Photos (13 Brushes)

Light Rays (10 Brushes)

Abstract Light Brushes (25 brushes)

Descent Brushes

Light Brushes (9 Brushes)

Light Strangs (6 Brushes)

Mystical Light Effects (20 Brushes)

Lighting Effects Brushes

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes (8 Brushes)

Lighting Brushes (10 Brushes)

Light Swirls Brushes (22 Brushes)

Light Streaks Brushes (30 Brushes)

Glow Brushes (11 brushes)

Abstract (10 Brushes)

Party Brush

Raging Dawn Brushes (8 brushes)

Ecol Brushes (5 brushes)

High Res Light Effect Brushes (46 brushes)

Sharp Abstract (1 brush)

Abstraction (8 brushes)

Abstract Brushes (6 brushes)

Vander90 (14 brushes)

Abstract Curves Brushes (28 brushes)

Abstract brush pack vol. 7 (4 brushes)

Unreal Brushes v.4 (9 Brushes)

LIGHT STORM 3 (14 brushes)

Light Lines (13 Brushes)


Unreal Brushes v.2 (8 brushes)

Life Brushes

Unreal Brushes v.1

Winter Breeze (12 Brushes)

Serenity (15 Brushes)

Phobia Brushes

Energy (14 Brushes)

Light Streak (14 Brushes)

Lightning Bolt Brushes (40 Brushes)

Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit (19 Brushes)

Sparkling Light Effects (24 brushes)

Abstract brush pack vol. 8 (4 brushes)

Revnart Smoke (30 brushes)

PETALS ADRIFT (13 brushes)


Ultimate Brush Pack No.3

Life Brushes

Sui Generis 3

CS4 V2 Brush

Abstract 12

Lighting Set 4

Fractal Brush

Nova Equinox Brushes

Light Brush Set


Genisis Brushes

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That is a lot of techniques.

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Good brush, thanks for sharing, bookmarked it.

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I was amazed to see the results of this design. really good. moreover, the number of collections shown quite a lot. really impressive.

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Beautiful and comprehensive collection – thanks for sharing

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