30 (Really) Amazing Tutorials And Techniques To Become A Master Of Photoshop

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9 Responses

  1. Daniel Nolan says:

    There are some really nice tutorials here. I have used a couple of them before to help me through my University work. However, now I am working as a Web Designer for Creare Communications and am looking forward to using some of these tutorials for my web designs, a creative website always stands out much more to its audience and is more memorable.

  2. Good list. Most of it is really good but I’m not sure about the alien invasion one.

  3. Rich says:

    Awesome list, haven’t seen most of those before. This site brings me the fresh content!

  4. Kian Ann says:

    Cool list of tutorials. Wow, these graphic designers really spend a lot of time on photoshop!

  5. mlb hats says:

    thanks for sharing such fantastic pics

  6. the skill of photoshop is powerful!

  7. kumar says:

    this site help me in tools work very easy

  8. I am currently trying to learn photoshop, these tutorials will be very useful. tjhanks a lot, Iwill share it on facebook.

  9. this site help me in tools work very easy