Look! I Am A Programmer (Comic)


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  1. Zee says:

    LOL, this is sooo true!

  2. Usman says:

    Good comic

  3. Umer says:

    This Comic conveys that Programmers have less money as compared to other professions

  4. games says:

    I guess to be a make good money you have to be a programmer and a graphic and website designer 🙂

  5. Tyler says:

    So i guess bill gates, mark zuckerburg and steve wozniak are poor and have no lives?

  6. bin says:

    brilliant! 🙂

  7. Sarah Farrukh says:

    Very True 😀

  8. FUCK YOU says:

    if you lol’d at this then you must be a shitty programmer.

    anyone worth their salt is making more than 50k a year on the low end. (unless your a php monkey)

  9. joe says:

    $50k is a joke. Do you think that making $50k is making good money? You are a chump. If I made any less than $200k I would quit programming and find a real job.

  10. some dude says:

    Programmers make pretty descent money. 50k is descent money joe… im guessing youre a kid with no concept of money. Real programmers (like j2ee and other enterprise developers) make really good money. They also ramp up to higher pay really fast, salary doubles in like 10 years if youre descent. But they do have no life i think lol.

  11. BubbaEffect says:

    I’m a highschool drop out and a programmer and I make 100k+ easy. Funny comic, but way off.

  12. BubbaEffect says:

    50k is decent money back in 1991. You are near poverty like the majority of the foolish Americans if you make 50k.

  13. Uoei says:

    Is this a joke?

    A fresh college grad should be able to score at least 50k ( 55k in my area ). The median household income in the USA is 53k.

    So right off the bat, by yourself, already above what the average household makes.

    The stigma about programmers not having a life is also false. This is anecdotal but every programmer I know is either married, engaged or leading an active life. The basement dwelling loser is a myth.

    We are regular folks with an above average income. Oh, and we also write the software that runs the entire world.

  14. Sania Aslam says:

    hehehe……….. funny and true

  15. Jared Grabill says:

    No money? I’m 3 years out of college and making over $150K as a user experience contractor/consultant in the Detroit area.

    I *do* work my ass off though, maybe a bit too much at times. I try to party on the weekends still.

  16. programmer says:

    I’m a student and I started an internship where they dump terrible front-end work on me even though I’m a back-end guy and I’m earning $40K. I consider this to be terrible pay for a bad job in the programming world. $60K out of college and then $90-100K in 3-5 years is very reasonable nowadays.

  17. jorge says:

    ja ja … How funny is that we are equal with graphic designers

  18. Eddy says:

    ITS SOOO TRUE LOL. My programmer friends are all shocked that in school they were promised this and that and whent he reality sets in….they realize that they really don’t make money. way less than average workers and must work competitively.

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