7 Excellent Websites To Get Design Feedback Visually Instead Of Emailing Back And Forth

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  1. CodeMyConcept says:

    First time I visit this blog and I found this very cool article about very useful resources on web design.

    Love it!

  2. Shawn McConnell says:

    I am going to try the five second test on a few of my pages, thanks for the info!

    Found this through Digg

  3. GissiSim says:

    Btw, litmus app, I just went to their site now after posting the link, all they are showing is their e-mail analytics and all that. However that is a new service they offer. I first started using their service for web analytics as well as seeing the webpage in every browser quickly etc. Not sure why that’s not being talked about, however I logged myself inn, and I still have those options. Maybe they are splitting the two tools up? I’m not quite sure.

  4. Mckinley Hoefle says:

    Thanks for the list. I’ve been a designer/developer for a long time and it’s crazy I still haven’t found a decent solution to compare designs and get/provide feedback on this stuff. I’ll try a couple of these out.

  5. Jay says:

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