Get Noticed And Grow Your Business With MyTemplateBox

The Internet is filled with useful resources for business owners and especially for web designers and developers. From free icon sets to CSS templates, and from web design inspiration to stock images, websites like these have everything one may need. There are a number of tools, useful pieces of advice, and free stock resources available for anyone to grow their business or grow as a web designer.

In this post we’re going to look over one website in particular that is dedicated to providing a variety of free resources to its users, completely free of charge.

We’ll also look into how MyTemplateBox, and other websites like it, can help get you become recognized in the design world and find more work.

What is MyTemplateBox?

First of all, what exactly is MyTemplateBox? MyTemplateBox is a website holding thousands of free templates for anyone to use, free of charge, and mostly free of licensing restrictions. They carry everything from basic CSS templates, to Blogger and WordPress themes. Furthermore, the templates cover a variety of categories: Art & Photography, Beauty & Fashion, Business, Cafe/Restaurant, Cars, Celebrity, Charity, Family, Wedding, etc.


Premium Resources

In MyTemplateBox’s premium section, they also carry templates for other popular platforms such as Drupal, OS Commerce, Mambo, and more. Logo templates and icon sets are among the view other categories as well. What’s great about the premium section of MyTemplateBox is that all of these designs are made of exceptional quality, and reviewed for premium use. They come with two types of licenses: basic and unique. The basic price is an incredibly reasonable price for the quality of stock being bought, and the unique price, while more costly, gives one unique licensing to restrict others from using it throughout the web.

Web Design Books

The books section of MyTemplateBox features many of the top web design and development books in the industry today. Handpicked by the owner of MyTemplateBox herself, the books featured are of the best rated and most useful for those within the web design niche. The books topics cover web design, website development, logo and branding design, graphic design, usability issues, and more.

The Forum

Besides just giving out free resources for all of MyTemplateBox’s visitors, they also feature a forum section covering the subjects web design and development, SEO, marketing, business, articles, tutorials, design reviews, and showcases. This is a great area to collaborate with other designers and developers, and to grow as an individual within the field. There is also a lot of practical advice concerning the business side of design and development, whether it is working as a freelancer or for a firm.


The Blog

The MyTemplateBox blog may be just another web design blog out there, but it is synced with the rest of the features on MyTemplateBox, and is a portal of useful articles and inspiration
for any web designer. Updated multiple times a week, the blog is a great place to learn something new and give your own feedback on the day’s post topic. The topics include anything and everything design and development related, and includes a few topics on freelance and business-related matters.

The writers of the blog are designers and developers themselves, just anxious to share their own thoughts and experiences within the niche. Always feel free to chime in with a comment or two, as we love to hear back from the community.

What’s in it for Web Designers?

Now that we’ve gone over what MyTemplateBox is all about, let’s get into how it can actually help a web designer grow. What’s in it for the average web designer? Among many things, websites like MyTemplateBox can help a web designer get noticed within the community, grow their skills set, and share what they already know to other developing designers. Let’s look a bit closer in each area below:

Learn, Expand, and Grow Your Skill Set

Websites like this are not only here to give out freebies and speed up your production time. Through the forum, the blog, the books, and even through the free templates, any web designer can learn more to develop themselves professionally. Because many of the templates are free with an available commercial license, downloading templates from other designers is an effective way to study new methods and possibilities in web design. After all, each web designer knows what they know best by building upon the support and teachings of other designers. By reviewing templates from other designers, one can develop their own skills more efficiently.

Popular Templates

Speed Up Your Work

With a heavy load of clients under my belt, it can be comforting to know that there are many resources out there to speed up my productivity. Free themes, templates, and other resources can do this. Instead of building an icon set from scratch, many web designers are finding that using either free or premium icons found on MyTemplateBox is just as good of a choice. As another example, instead of coding a new design from scratch, many of the free or premium templates found on MyTemplateBox can be used as a basis for customizing your own web design for a client.


The fact of the matter is, MyTemplateBox is a resource site first and foremost, and we love when we can help other designers out by speeding up their workflow and doing half of the job for them!

Get Into the Community

Any experienced web designer knows that getting involved with the design community is essential for success. Through others we can learn, find work, and get noticed within our niche. MyTemplateBox is just one more place to do that. The active forum may be enough for some to get feedback on their work, find work from clients, or just get to know others doing the same thing. However, discussions in the blog and throughout the rest of the site are going on as well for anyone to share their own knowledge, or to meet others in the field.

What’s in it for Business Owners?

If you are not a web designer, but in fact a business owner looking to build
upon your web presence, MyTemplateBox also has a lot of benefits for you as
well. Many start-up businesses are in need of a website, but have a limited
budget. MyTemplateBox’s free templates are perfect for these types of startups, and even the premium sections can give a new website a more polished look for a budget-friendly price.

The WordPress or Bloggers themes provide great templates to use for any websites that need a more dynamic approach to content management, and the free icons and other useful resources can be used to spice up the content of any website for better conversions. Even when a small business needs a more custom approach though, when hiring a web designer, MyTemplateBox can be a wonderful source of inspiration.

Wrapping Up

To get a live experience of what all the hype is about, and to see what it can do for you, head on over to MyTemplateBox. Signing up is free, getting involved in the community is free, and taking advantage of all the benefits are free. We hope to be seeing you soon within the MyTemplateBox community! participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.
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