Luxand Blink will Log You Into Windows by Recognizing Your Face


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  1. Nachtmeister says:

    Isn’t that easier to hack your account with just hold a photo of the user in front of the camera?

  2. MOin says:

    I don’t know if its practical but yeah it is possible. I’ll still stand for this utility. A person like me who travel a lot is always vulnerable to netbook/notebook theft and this utility can be life saving.

  3. Vivekanand says:

    But this Biometric devices workout for access, since as Nachtmeister said, we can do so many things to hack the access. What happens if a guy who owns the machine has got cut on his face or face crash etc., then? offcourse there might be another way to access the machine but what do you say guys? Biometric devices will work out.?


  4. MOin says:

    Its already mentioned in the article.

    Changed Haircut? Swapped Glasses for Contacts? No Problem!
    Advanced biometric identification algorithms used in Blink! help it cope with changes of your personal appearance. Grow or shave off beard and mustaches, use makeup or dye you hair, wear or remove glasses or contact lenses – Blink! will let you in to your PC no matter what.

  5. nad says:

    er, just wondering, what happens if someone just holds up a photograph of the owner, does that work as well? if it does, that doesn’t seem safe at all.

  6. Drew says:

    I don’t see whats stopping from holding up a photo. If someone walked into my house they could grab any number of photos around my desk and login with ease. I still think passwords are more secure as long as its not a dictionary word.

  7. Matt says:

    Hard to test out when it doesn’t support 64-bit systems. Shame. Since a majority of Windows computers made are 64-bit now.

  8. Glad says:

    Did not recognize my face at login.

  9. sandeep says:

    for safety

  10. sandeep kushwaha says:

    for computer safety

  11. d347hm45734r says:

    I tried to log in with a picture…. did not work!! πŸ™‚
    But don’t know if it’s just because the picture is not good enaugh or something like that.

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