40 Stunning Examples of High Speed Photography


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  1. louis says:

    amazing show

  2. Dave Lapham Photography says:

    What is good shutter speed to shoot at?

  3. john s says:

    Great pictures, but why do you have to break things or shoot them to make something interesting. There are amazing sights occuring all around us that don’t require destruction.

  4. Matt says:

    Number 28< "bullet Shooting through a balloon" turn it on its side…..what do you see….? spooky or am I tripping? matt

  5. Fun Spill says:

    awe-inspiring collection! here is a list of photography that you might like too: http://www.funspill.com/80-fun-filled-examples-jump-photography/

  6. Rozie says:

    Really awesome collection, thanks for sharing

  7. Mags says:

    really great examples of how photography can demonstrate cause and effect, really good for teaching purposes

  8. satheesh says:

    nice and beautifull

  9. Jawad says:

    This collection shud be part of an exhibition ! ! Fantastic !

  10. marc says:

    wow I was blown away by all these pictures I especially liked the picture called, “bullet” that had the card cut in half by a bullet, not only did I like it for its’ still frame picture, but also for the fact that they would of had to set this up so perfectly to be able to hit a card dead on especially from the side, coo-dos to who got this picture, well done. I just was wondering, how is it it was able to be set up like that, is there a specific holder for the card?

  11. iş başvurusu says:

    suberp really great. i wanna take some photos like this

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