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35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites

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Having a full of animation or jazzy looking flash website is a dream for those who are the admirer of flash work but to find amazing flash websites for inspiration is not that easy. is the one stop service place for flash fans to discover amazing flash innovations mankind has to offer.  Yes, the mentioned innovations do include all the popular topics like 3D, games, cars, portfolios, etc. Basically, the site is the good step towards all the latest flash goodies existing in this cyber world.  The connections you’ll get from koflash will surely be worth your time, whether you’re just roaming around or seriously looking for some flash inspirations. To prove the words above, here are some of the best flash sites koflash have collected over time.

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The Flagship Experience

Welcome to the American Airlines – featuring Business and First Class service between the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

ELSE Mobile

ELSE offers a totally new definition of what a mobile device can be. ELSE is a totally new concept driven purely by user experience rather than by technology.


Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama. Its portfolio includes commercial spaces such as retail spaces, restaurant and bars, as well as office showrooms and building complexes that are distinctly unique in design and yet attentive to function.

The Editing Table

Nicola Walbeck

The Wrong Door

The Wrong Door, BBC3’s new comedy series set on The Asteroid


A movie poster maker and marketing agency. The website is directed by Unity, Web artistic direction Jocker / CREAKTIF(Axel Corjon), development, motion design Lab9.

Falcon’s Treehouse

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Falcon’s Treehouse is an experienced design company specializing in master planning, attraction design, special venues, destination resorts, theme parks, media production, museums, science centers, and more.


SeymourPowell Product Design Consultancy are experts in Product Design, Product development, Consumer Product research and industrial design consultants. This Product Design Company is based in London UK.

Martin Anderle

Fruit Shoot

Browse the new Fruit Shoot website with how-to videos for beat boxing, soccer skills and much more!

Breathe Architecture

Quality and style are central to Breathe Architecture’s unique sustainable designs. We expertly combine environmental and aesthetic principles to create stunning buildings with a lighter footprint.

History of Flight

Know Your History. Soar through Michael Jordan’s amazing career at History of Flight.

The Sound of Orange RockCorps

You can create your own unique track with your mates and unleash it online. You can also connect to your facebook and you can see which of your friends have already taken part.

Saab Change Perspective

When you look beyond the obvious, you open up to alternative ways of seeing things. As you gain a different perspective on the world, you also bring a certain attitude to everything you do. To Saab, this means building cars unlike any other. Here you can share this view.

addidas outdoor

Real Casual


Cartelle is a creative unit based in Amsterdam, founded by Johnny Slack & Stevijn van Olst. With a small agile team of professionals, Cartelle delivers high quality interactive experiences. Constantly looking for fresh solutions, we offer new creative approaches in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cloudy Meat Balls

Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will be the most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by the beloved children’s book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain.

JPEG Interactive

Jam is a creative director, an experienced web designer, a veteran Flash developer and the co-founder of Shanghai-based web creative agency 01media.

Imagining Mozambique

The traveling art show collective, ‘Imagining Mozambique’ is a fundraising drive for ASEM, a non-profit organization that helps the children of Mozambique.

LBi Atlanta

LBi Atlanta is a leading full service digital agency. They have developed a successful business by fusing strategy with creativity, and technology to create highly effective marketing and business solutions.

Shinkansen and Love


Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola Zero – Real Coke Taste, Zero Calories. The official website of Coca Cola Zero. Watch Commercials. Play Games.

Parasol Island

Parasol Island is producing nationally and internationally awarded film, animation and interactive projects for exclusive client portfolio – ranging from companies in the lifestyle and entertainment, as well as, consumer industries.

Hobnox Audiotool



Mercedes AMG

Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ – Virtual Test Drive.

Nissan Cars UK

Ocean Recon

Royal Australian Navy Submariners – DefenceJobs

Want to know what goes on inside a Collins Class Submarine? Dive below the surface for a unique view of the inner workings of Australia’s silent fleet. Complete real-life missions to earn your submariner dolphins and experience life beneath the surface.

Oddo Design

This is an award-winning graphic design firm that helps companies build stronger brands, increase sales, improve customer retention, and educate customers and employees. Now located in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of Austin, Texas, the firm was originally established in 1989, in Houston, by Tommy Oddo.

Dvein 2009

Motion and Interactive Studio based in Barcelona, Spain. DVIEN creates Live Actions, Motion graphics, 3D Animations, Flash, and Films.

Sony Bravia

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This is great! These are some cool Flash websites, and your site design is amazing.

[...] 0 Having a full of animation or jazzy looking… Excerpt from: 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...] Having a full of animation or jazzy looking… Excerpt from: 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

Nice list. You might want to add

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

just to say congrats..!

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites Submitted by Editorial Team [...]

This is awesome, so creative!

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

2 advance is an old time favorite of mine, slow to update but I can see why.

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites @ SmashingApps (tags: webdesign showcase flash) « links for 2010-01-17 [...]

[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

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[...] 35+ Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites from Smashing Apps [...] launches new MADNESS and corporate websites. : Award winning web design, flash, animation, 3d, web development, post production,

I love this post,thanks a lot.

Love the post. Gear flash sites collections.

[...] 9: dang, your website is so flash! April 18, 2010 by Michelle I was actually having trouble finding a flash site that was cool…mostly because I haven’t spent enough with Flash and can’t recognize when it’s being used professionally. My only reference for flash is, like, the really shitty simple shape “animations” we’ve been doing in class–which is basically one object motion tweened to move an inch away. BUT, I know there are cool flash sites out there!! So, I googled “cool flash websites” and this page came up: [...]

Wow… I’m stunned you could do that.

[...] 35 Fantastic Examples Of Beautiful Flash Websites [...]

These sites are awesome. There’s just something about Flash that just makes the experience so cool. Sometimes though it’s too interactive haha.

there are lots of video websites these days on the internet and i always visit them :.;

Very good man amazing.
Take a look on this flash sites

Check out the design on this flash site:

It’s a pretty simple site for sharing a wishlist and holding track of gift ideas, but with clean & tight design.

Thank you for the list.

I think there are alot of good sites out there.

I normally find my inspiration on:



[...] Yes, lets have a look at America and Europe where things are much more advanced than here:…-websites.html Major players like: American Airlines Adidas Coke Sony Toyota Nissan Mercedes What are they [...]

it unique and informative site.

wow.. amazing!

Informative site; sparks my imagination to do better!

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