Now Use PHPanywhere To Code Directly From Your Browser


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  1. E says:

    I’m a web developer and this seems like the biggest breach of security you can have developing websites. All it takes is a person to break into the connection and absolutely destroy your server.

  2. jaydubz says:

    Greetings web developers – As a security officer and RHCE I must absolutely make sure that nobody uses this app. You’re giving the keys to the kingdom to someone you’ve never met.

    Avoid this at all costs. This /will/ be exploited.

  3. Mike says:

    Oh great, so they can use your FTP username+password to check out your code, and if your database config is in your code, they can chech the database as well, maybe it contains credit card data. Yay for them!

    Srsly, don’t! Ok?

  4. coderpunk says:

    debugger? That’s the biggest missing piece of the pie.

  5. Koron says:

    I was looking for something like this. I made an account before reading the comments.

    I guess if security is too much of an issue, you could use this for creating only short parts of your project so as not to give away any valuable information.

    I know, at least, this will be useful for solving some problems when I’m away from my main machine.

  6. MicroAngelo says:

    But will it be as good as Bespin?:

  7. Good Time Tribe says:

    No way! Give me an open source piece of software that I can install on my own server. no way I’m letting you have access to my database and code.

  8. Warren says:

    I will applaud the concept, great idea and good intent on moving the programming arena into the cloud, but the security aspect is the biiiiig issue. If they could move (and assure that) security was in a local google gears repository or equivalent then this could be an option but it isn’t so I will keep my stuff on a usb key for now.

  9. OrganizedFellow says:

    They should release it as a download script.

    It’s getting too much negativity as a hosted solution.

  10. Imran says:

    Oh wonderful. Good step.

  11. ppss says:

    The problem to make this app productive is that there is a large frame on the right with Ads in it. So the real screen area where you can edit your code is limited.

    I prefer to use a file manager installed on my desktop with FTP capabilities (of course this won’t work if the FTP port is blocked). At least I can use my whole screen to edit code.

  12. ben says:

    Just tried this out. Buggy as hell.
    Also I was far too scared to put ftp details into this website. I will stick to notepad++

  13. ivan says:

    Hello all!
    My name is Ivan Burazin and I am one of the founders of

    As with many of first time users of PHPanywhere I can understand your security fears, but I must assure you that we have no intent of doing so,I mean we will be celebrating one year old this month and we have over 10,000 users, so we mean business. 🙂

    Also you can remove the “Save Password” feature for your ftp server, so that nothing is saved on our servers.

    Also I must ask you all security wise, is PHPanywhere any less secure than SVN or GIT hosting our even your email hosting on GMAIL?

    Also I wrote a blog post about this last year, please check it out

    Thank you Smashingapps for the post and thank you all who use the app.

    Kind regards,

    Ivan Burazin

  14. CrazyTed says:


    Nice of you to comment about people’s security concerns, but the fact of the matter is that even if you “mean business”, and have a decent sized user base, a lot of people will still be hesitant to make use of PHPanywhere. I’m sure its a great help to many people, but I wouldn’t see myself ever using such a thing, even if we can remove the saved password from your server. This is because I prefer to limit the amount of potential security holes a site might have when working on it.

    And I’d bet good money that gmail is much more secure than phpanywhere. 😉

  15. ivan says:

    Hi Ted,
    Thank you for your reply, I do understand your concern and I do appreciate that some people will be hesitant to use PHPanywhere.
    But as in all SaaS applications the first reactions are fear of security/privacy so I totally understand your viewpoint and can only say that I hope that one day we will be big enough (read secure enough) for you to try use out.


  16. pingo says:

    PHPanywhere doesn’t install anything on your computer, so you can use it without asking your IT administrator for permission. Also since it isn’t on your computer, it works even if your corporate firewall is blocking the FTP port.

  17. netlynx says:


    Yes, but shouldn’t you be doing your job while at work (a corporate firewall indicates that you most likely are). *And* if php development is part of your job, then I don’t see why the IT administrators would have a problem giving you access to do your job.

    All in all I like the concept, dislike the security risks involved, and think this should be a ‘released’ piece of software, be it commercial (sold) like other IDE’s or free (also like other IDE’s), maybe a comparable open source project could be spawned, I would be interested in participating (email me at ajmurray01 at _gmail_ dot _com_) maybe we could get something started, either way, should be something that could be installed on my own server and secured by me, not someone I don’t know.

    (side note: hmmm, maybe I too should be getting back to work rather than replying to these comments).

  18. Adam Jimenez says:

    Try ShiftEdit Web Based IDE

    Syntax highlighting, Integrated (S)FTP, Tabs, Find/Replace, Revision history + it’s free.

  19. Recejoync says:

    Why do so many people buy this painkiller from us? The answer is because it works, all the time! That’s what i want to say here.

  20. Best Gaming Mouse says:

    Seems like a very interesting piece of software platform.

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