Discover The Best World Heritage Sites In 3D With Vizerra


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  1. BebopDesigner says:

    Wow! This is really impressive. Thanks for posting.

  2. tibia money says:

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  3. Katrina Gibson says:

    This is a great educational tool! Immersive 3D environments engage the user and provide a wealth of rich information that’s also highly entertaining. One of the challenges for 3D visualisation developers is the current need to rebuild any 3D design models if you want to make them fully interactive and explorable. We’ve developed a unique solution that enables designers to create fully interactive 3D virtual environments from CAD models. ARCHI-ME can be used as an engaging pedagogical tool as well as a highly cost-effective way to demonstrate designs to users. An added advantage is that models can be exported as a software application or made available for use on a website, allowing remote users to interact fully. Any 3D CAD model – from a teaching environment, to a yacht, a car to a golf course or holiday resort – is brought to life with ARCHI-ME (, creating a high-quality model to be explored by people using an avatar, with every element customised to your needs.

  4. Eric Shafer says:

    This is pretty sweet, I gotta say, I’m going to go download it and try it out…I wonder if they have Chichen Itza. 😛

    Featured here:

  5. 3d models says:

    Wow this is really great work……

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