6 (More) Free File Hosting Websites That Would Be Useful


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  1. Josh says:

    I like filesaver.com

  2. Matt Anderson says:

    Nice list, I use filehosting.org sometimes. You can also check out: http://www.rs-host.us – no ads/free/no deletion

  3. GoAruna says:

    We also have free file sending, hosting, sharing and management with high speed access.

    We also have several mobile clients and apps so you can access your files anywhere. Check out our new Android app!


  4. Jacob says:

    A fairly new one: http://quickhw.com

    Not intendend for any intense hosting, but nice interface.

  5. hadi060 says:

    For me I usuly use SkyDrive service from Microsoft, but also I like MediaFire.
    These services in this topic are great and I’ll try them.
    Thanks for this very nice list.

  6. Nick says:

    I use the uploadCell.com
    They Have High returns and Affiliate program!!!!

  7. Television Spy says:

    I really used to like http://www.turboupload.com

    But they have too many ads now and are a little slow.

  8. codaflow says:

    What about imgur.com?

  9. TheGnome says:

    drop.io is the bomb!

  10. Eason says:

    Nice collection of free file hosting sites. Was as wondering if you would cover free web hosting sites in your next article.. preferably .. php, asp.net…

  11. Kamil says:

    Nice, but still… where is DropBox?

  12. dendy b sulistyo says:

    kewl… but, no box.net ?

  13. targus says:

    Nice, but MyDataNest.com should certainly be on that list. It offers many more features than those listed.

    Though it seems a bit more business oriented, it’s free account is fantastic and it’s a lot nicer than box.net in my opinion.

    I definitely think mydatanest.com should be there.

  14. nh design says:

    Good list. Thanks. We use drop.io alot also.

  15. شات الشلة says:

    Good list. Thanks

  16. دردشه says:

    They Have High returns and Affiliate program

  17. xur17 says:


    They let you hotlink (directly link) to files.

  18. Manuel says:

    They let you upload up to 200mb without signing up.

  19. Manuel says:


    They let you upload up to 200mb without signing up.

  20. mel says:

    anything less than 1 gig is STINGY and USELESS

  21. Steve Martz says:

    I’m very pleased with MyDataNest.com

  22. Sean says:

    I like most of these file hosting companies, but I have fallen in love with file mirroring. Instead of only uploading to one of these sites you can upload to a bunch of them instantly. This is great because a lot of these free file hosting sites only host your file for a limited time or may just delete it for whatever reason. When you upload it to a free file mirror site like http://www.upload-this.com it is a lot more reliable than just one. Great list though, thanks!

  23. adupit says:

    Hosting banners, hosting files, and video campaigns at cheap prices.
    Let’s take some of the fastest file hosting ADUPIT.
    Reliable service, without incident, over 30,000 satisfied customers.
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  24. adupit says:

    AdUpIt.com – File hosting – Banner hosting – Video hosting -Ads Solutions – Fast server

    About Adupit:

    Adupit company serves as a reliability and fast storage system which is dedicated to the Media world. Our company focuses on hosting.
    However, we supply many creative solutions and tools that will help you dealing with additional issues. For example, creating and editing dynamic banners. In addition, we supply newsletters and other media services so you can contact and track you customers.

    Why us?

    ■ Reliable service all the way.
    ■ Maximum server speed.
    ■ Free service with no conditions.
    ■ Friendly multi-functions system.
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    About Us:

    Founded in 2001, AdUpIt offers the most widely used solutions for sending, receiving and tracking digital content. AdUpIt technology is ideal for sending large files without the limitations of email attachments, FTP connections or overnight critical data. Designed for individual use or for company-wide deployments, our web-based Software-as-a-Service offering simplifies file transfer for end-users while ensuring data security and compliance.
    AdUpIt has over 4 million users with close to 2.1 million downloads weekly across 220 countries and is the solution of choice for independent professionals and businesses alike. Independent professionals include creative designers, photographers, business consultants and media producers. Over 10,000 corporate users from companies including Microsoft, Sony, Sun, Intel, Nike and more that rely on AdUpIt for the secure delivery of their time-sensitive data.
    Word on the street Backed by prominent investors, we are a young company that is very proud of a stellar work culture. We are respected in the industry and regularly honored with awards such as the Always On Top 100 Private Companies and Webware 100 Awards recognizing our innovation, leadership and workplace satisfaction. We enjoy customer loyalty ratings higher than that of Microsoft, Sony, Sun, Intel,
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    or colleague.

  25. ziomal says:

    There is so many of them to choose from, personally I like
    http://www.metahyper.com/ becouse of:

    Direct-Traffic Share set to files you want to send directly to your friends.
    Transloading files from big host to your account.
    Good download speeds.
    User to user points transfer.
    Metalink engine for multiple files.
    10 gig file size upload.

  26. sabato says:

    only thing to say about my favirote file host, it perfect.

  27. Seimor says:

    well this was speacial, I guess…

  28. Rick Fran says:

    This is one we use http://www.filethe.net fast safe and secure

  29. hulky says:

    An also, http://batubia.com is a good one, is fast and very secure. the admin is given premium account if you upload a big amount of files with high traffic! try it!!

  30. File Hosting Directory says:


    Go here and you can find a round up of the best online file hosting sites, this is the most complete list I’ve found.

  31. Lou says:

    I personally dislike file uploads. They are limited, unreliable and time consuming. My fav is Binfer [http://www.binfer.com]. It can send very large directly from computer to computer.

  32. ron says:

    I like http://www.hyperupload.com because you can upload a file upto 1GB without registering or giving up your email. Also i can password protect it without registering. If you want you can email the link right from hyperupload.com home page or if you don’t want to giveup anyones email then copy the link and send it throught your personal account.

  33. ron says:

    One thing i forgot hyperupload.com is a easy website to use not like the other free one that you have to flip through advertisement to get to the free fille hosting.

  34. irfan says:

    1gb free hosting

  35. Eve says:

    Great file storage and sharing, thank you, I use it to share holiday photos with my family, or store info when I am travelling and can access it anywhere.

  36. BradyKensy says:

    So many options out there…But after I did some research of file storage out there, 4shared got me. 15GB of free space and now I can access my files from my mobile!! I’m lovin it)))

  37. ken says:

    during a year i tried approximately 12 storing services. the best one for file and image storing is 4shared. at linkedin i’m using dropbox.

  38. anon says:

    Filespiff.com is a great host that pays you to upload files! Their max upload size is 1GB and they pay you 15 bucks per 1k downloads. Good site, try it out.

  39. M Jones says:

    The 4shared with a lot of free space is great, I truly recommend.

  40. Natalie says:

    TooFiles.com is also a great free file hosting service that give you upload size up to 1GB, upload speed is quite ok as well.

  41. otlix says:

    Otlix-CDN-Content Delivery Network

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