21 Fantastic Examples Of Brilliant Photography With Humor


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  1. amit says:

    🙂 hehe..wonderful shot..many favorites of mine..i wont talk to you again,no birds,teaser are jus fabulous..its difficult to get these captures..thanx for sharing..

  2. John Foy says:

    ROFL…. Six feet one rocks! really hilarious

  3. medyum says:

    Good job man, its really mindblowing.I mean the way of fusion between photography and humour is extraordinary.I am lookin forward for more eyecatching photos. Applauds!!!!!!

  4. smackdown says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful information

  5. dulce says:

    awesome! cOOL!

  6. A Website Guy says:

    Very entertaining photos. I love the “six feet” with the dog. Really great composition on some of the photos. Thanks!

  7. shrey says:

    This r one of the best pics i have gone through.It was pleasure to see…

  8. Cool Magazine says:

    Great images. I liked the image “I’ll never talk to you again by Adrifil”. What a pose!

  9. cintagambarpanas says:

    Very sharp and beautiful images. Kung fu master is my favourite!

  10. Owen says:

    I like the ant falling down, all of them are nice pictures.

  11. Capsiplex says:

    Loving the creativity of these photos, very inspiring

  12. Las Vegas Printing Services says:

    Really cool photos. Very amusing and meaningful.

  13. medyum says:

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  14. Financial Planning says:

    Nice pics man. Like your images..

  15. guzel sozler says:

    Great post! Definitely you have answered some key questions many new bloggers will have

  16. lv says:

    Nice pics man

  17. Valerie says:

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    thank you!

  18. vajina estetiği says:

    nice pictures, thanks for sharing

  19. yağ aldırma says:

    I liked your images, thanks for post

  20. göz kapağı estetiği says:

    thanks for all

  21. karın germe ameliyatı says:

    Nice pics admin. Like your images

  22. meme dikleştirme ameliyatı says:

    Great pictures, like the ant falling down, all of them are nice pictures

  23. louis says:

    I liked your images, thanks for post

  24. pushpendra says:

    Lovely Thank you so much for posting this. Super cute XD

  25. Joseph says:

    Wow! that is one creative set of images, they have got my brain going, someitme seeing something creative, inspires your creative mind, I’ll check your site more often and tell my friends, the content is high quality.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Fun Spill says:

    awe-inspiring collection! here is a list of photography that you might like too: http://www.funspill.com/80-fun-filled-examples-jump-photography/

  27. Premium Links Directory says:

    Most of these are photoshopped. I am not impressed. Great

  28. Mags says:

    well it made me smile 🙂

  29. Mario Bros says:

    jajaja very good post. Greetings from Argentina my Friend

  30. H.M.A says:

    it’s a very nice pic

    thanks alot

  31. April says:

    I think I like the kung fu master one the best but they’re all great!

  32. humor says:

    Fantastic photo, lovely

  33. wood pellet fuel says:

    great It’s a sunny, gorgeous day- one of this year’s most beautiful so far.

  34. izmir nakliyat says:

    thanks very good bilgil

  35. Jen Meratol says:

    These are very ingenious – where ever did you find them? You’ll have to tell us your secret for creating collections like this – simply awesome.

  36. çet says:

    Highly recommended.

  37. site reviews says:

    Lovely Thank you so much for posting this.

  38. hcg dietinsight says:

    it’s a very nice pic

  39.  says:

    excellent post, i obviously love this website, continue on it.

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