Free Customizable CSS Menu For Everyone


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  1. Marvin says:

    i really lie that there is an option for breadcrums too.
    nice webtool!

  2. Arman says:

    Your Website is Very Nice!

  3. John says:

    I met your blog few days ago & surprised to see that you are copying most of your posts from other blogs, specially and never mention the source.

    I’m an open source fan and this is called stealing in the free web. Please stop stealing. Be original.

  4. An Jay says:

    John, Thanks for visiting SmashingApps, I must want to let you know that I am getting more than 10 emails everyday to submit their resources on SmashingApps and I choose few of them to submit. These all are the free resources and the developers for these resources really like to featured on various blogs not specifically on any blog.

    I have really no need to copy any resource from any blog. Because there are 100s of free resources coming up everyday.

    Today, I wrote a post about release of Google Chrome but this does not mean that no one can write about it anymore because its already been on SmashingApps. Everyone can write about it and you can see many posts out there about Google Chrome in 1 day. There are lots of other example you may find on the tech blogs.

    I hope my explaination can resolve your complain…Thanks

  5. John says:

    An Jay, thanks for the reply.

    You are right about there are unlimited free resources.

    What I was trying to say is 99% of your posts are copied the next day from the same blog. I feel like I’m reading a mirror.

  6. AN Jay says:


    Thanks for understanding this and I hope you will understand this as well that we have majority visitors are the same and most of the time I also seen that I got the email for the same resource which is already been listed somewhere. Most of the time I hold that and most of the time it was submitted on the same day.

    The are also few post there as same as we have after just our post but we don’t think its a bad because it may happen when we work in the same industry and off course we all have the same objective which is just to help others with informing them about new product. But I don’t agree that 99% of our post are same. Just to proof it, you can compare in detail if you get a chance.

    But I will try that anyhow I can be more useful and informative for you as well than other website and convince you to open up SmashingApps when you starts your day 🙂

  7. Custom Software Development says:

    Thanks guys.. Very useful resource..

  8. lv says:

    Free Customizable CSS Menu For Everyone

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