CSS+Javascript Fancy Menu By Devthought!

CSS+Javascript Fancy Menu By Devthought! 1

With the image below our most of the readers are already aware of this and had an idea about this css+javascript fancy menu but to have this great resource in the Smashing Apps list is very necessary that is why I am adding this. This fancy menu is also great for those who do not know about this and I believe there are alot of those guys as well often visits to SmashingApps.com.


In this article Guillermo Rauch’s will go through the creation of a custom navigation bar with some cute Javascript effects that will certainly impress your friends and the visitors coming to your website. This custom navigation bar needs Mootools library, this beauty is contained in 1.5kb. Not only that, but it’s also cross browser (tested on Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox and Safari) and accessible.