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TeamWox Groupware And Online Collaboration Software 1

Running a company can be a frustrating experience. You have to hire employees, make sure they work the number of hours your company requires, make sure they work the way your company requires, ensure everyone is working on the correct project, everyone submits their respective work before the deadline – the list can go on and on and on. It is very difficult to keep a track of each and every small detail of your company. But keeping a record of all your company’s actions can help you in many ways. You may want to check what online conversation you had with your secretary the other day about that important meeting or you may want to know which one from your staff did the best work on that special project. Considering this need, software engineers have devised an online software named groupware or collaborative software. Roughly speaking a groupware is a computer software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals.


Hundreds of such groupwares are available in the market. Out of them we recommend TeamWox.


You can, of course, keep a record of all your business activities in hard copy files and folders but the advantage that collaborative software like TeamWox gives you is that all your business details will be stored in one place i.e. online and you can access them from any place throughout the world. This eliminates not only accessing problems but it also helps you to give directions to your employees as and when you require. You just have to assign a task to the respective employee and when he/she will open his profile which is hosted on the groupware he will find the task in his id.

Below I discuss in detail some of the most striking features of TeamWox.

1) IP PBX Phone System Module

An office cannot be even imagined without a telephone. But what if you get a better option? TeamWox’s IP PBX phone system module enables the workers of your company to call each other and also other telephones via their computer. Making a call with this technology is easy. It is more or less like a Skype chat. A screen, like shown in the image below, will appear on your screen with all the names of the people that work in your company. Hover the mouse arrow on the name with whom you wish to talk and then hit the telephone’s receiver icon. You will be connected to him/her. You will also be able to implement an intelligent call forwarding, add an interactive voice menu or arrange a secure audio conference with unlimited number of participants.

You don’t need to be a professional coder in order to take full advantage of TeamWox’s phone system. All you need is some time so that you may setup the telephony module on TeamWox’s servers. Once you are done, any user of the system will be able to make and receive phone calls without requiring any extra workplace configuration. The only requirement is a headset with mic or a USB-phone. Yes just as with Skype or Google Talk.

In order to make external calls, the IP telephony provider must be specified. You may connect to your current telephony provider or choose a new one from the list. The list comprises names like iBasis, InPhonex, Skype Connect, etc. Almost any VoIP server can be connected to TeamWox telephony because of SIP protocol support and G711 ulaw/alaw codecs.

Because the IP PBX works via the IP telephony, the cost of internal calls will be zero and the cost of external ones will be minimized.

2) Live Chat (Online Assistant)

TeamWox has a chat module through which the employees can chat with each other. But there is also a part of the chat module that is the public component. This component can be installed on any website and once in its place the visitor of the website will be able to communicate with the TeamWox’s users by chatting. All such chats are stored within the system.

TeamWox has eliminated all spamming attempts to its public chat. If its servers receive a large number of requests from the same IP address then the address will be banned. This ban can last from two minutes to several hours depending upon the frequency of such requests.

In order to activate the public component of the chat module you will be provided with a code by the TeamWox’s website and you will have to copy and then paste that code onto your website. Click the following link to know more about this Live Chat or Online Assistant.

3) Free for two months

Perhaps after reading the article until here you are still unable to make up your mind whether you wish to buy the software or not. No worries. TeamWox offers you to try its services for two months absolutely free. This offer is known as the trial version of TeamWox Groupware in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. The important thing here is that the groupware’s functionality is not limited and you are allowed to use it for two complete months just as you would have used it if you would have made a purchase. At the end of the two month period you can renew your subscription against a fee.

4) Cool stuff

There are a lot many features present in TeamWox. You can draw mind map graphics. Such graphics are useful in representing ideas pictorially and showing clear relationships between different ideas.


The Message Editor is used in most modules of TeamWox – in wording tasks, writing various comments, messages on the board, e-mails, etc. The Message Editor allows you to switch between HTML and VISUAL views. Of course you can do a lot with HTML.

You can also insert multimedia files like videos onto your TeamWox online space. Just embed the HTML code from the host servers and your video will be up and running.

TeamWoxis a brainchild of MetaQuotes Software Corp. which started its first business in 2000 as a software developer for finanical markets. Since they are in business from the past 12 years so you can count on them. They know what they are doing.

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