Get Quick And Easy Access To Your Favorite Bookmarks With Iconized

Get Quick And Easy Access To Your Favorite Bookmarks With Iconized 1

Modern web browsers for desktops and laptops often have a bookmarks bar where we can place shortcuts to our favorite websites. The point is to have these bookmarks always accessible and not need to click any extra links or buttons to get to them.

Since the space on the bookmarks bar is limited, we need to be careful about which websites we add on it. If we add too many websites, our shortcuts on the bar become scrollable and in addition to clicking an extra button to reach our shortcut, it becomes more difficult to find our desired bookmark.

A quick fix for this problem comes in Iconized Bookmarks Popup.


Iconized Bookmarks Popup is a browser extension for Google Chrome users. When installed it places a new icon in our Chrome address bar.

When we add a new entry to our bookmarks bar, its title accompanies it. Thus we have the bookmark’s favicon as well as it title. The title usually is quite redundant since we can recognize our sites through their favicons (their icons). This is something that Iconized Bookmarks Popup makes use of.

Take a look at my Chrome’s bookmarks bar:


I have already deleted the titles of most entries in my bookmarks bar. If I had discovered this extension earlier, I would have left the titles as they were, and simply use the extension’s address bar icon. Clicking this icon pops up a window that shows only the favicons of our bookmarks.


To open the bookmark in the current tab, we left click on it; to open it in a new tab, we middle click on it.

The extension also provides a nifty feature which can be accessed by right clicking its icon and accessing its options.


The extension provides us with an option to delete the titles of all entries in our bookmarks bar, to save space.


Restoring the titles however, is something the extension does not support. To restore titles users will either need to manually rename their bookmarks bar shortcuts or use import them from a saved bookmarks file.

In conclusion, Iconized Bookmarks Popup is a tiny but quite a useful extension which Chrome users will definitely find helpful. Click here to get the extension. participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.