A Web Based Platform For Easy Distribution, Tracking And Analyzing Content On Any Web Enabled Device A Web Based Platform For Easy Distribution, Tracking And Analyzing Content On Any Web Enabled Device 1

One of the biggest challenges of any business is to connect with its audience. Regardless of your product or service, engaging with users and tracking how they access and use your content –including catalogs, brochures, whitepapers, corporate documents or traditional publications- is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks.

With the immense growth of mobile platforms and tablet devices, how people use your content remains a question. As the content creator, you have to ensure that your message is being delivered.

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This is where Mygazines comes in.

Mygazines is an easy to use web based digital publishing software that empowers companies to deliver content to their target audience. As a content publisher, you can distribute, track and analyze content that is being read from any web enabled device – be it a desktop PC, MAC, smartphone, iOS devices, Tablet computers, iPad’s and so on.

It works like this – you create your content (let’s say a PDF document) and submit it to the Mygazines application. Mygazines takes that file and creates an engaging, attractive and a universally accessible experience.

One link gives access to your content on any web enabled device, hence there is no need to create multiple versions of the same document – one for mobile devices, another one for desktop, one for tablet computers and so on. One link does it all.

With Myganizes very own web based tools, you can also enhance your content with links, videos, audio and widgets. There is more – web publishers can protect and control the availability of their content and even deliver different versions of the content by location.

As an example, here is how a published piece of content looks in a desktop computer, thanks to’s digital publishing tools A Web Based Platform For Easy Distribution, Tracking And Analyzing Content On Any Web Enabled Device 2

Once your content is served to your audience, you can track how users are interacting with it and study their behavior. This helps in determining or evaluating your overall business ROI from a simple web based account (no software installations are required, thus can be accessed from any computer, anywhere).

If your company needs an online magazine software to portray content to a widespread audience, you just can’t afford to miss

Mygazines Mobile – An Universal e-Reading System That Works On Any Mobile Device

Want to make sure readers access the same piece of content from an iPad as they do on a PC? Mygazines Mobile presents a universal e-reading system which works across multiple mobile devices. E.g. Android, iOS, smartphones and the like. You never need to format content for different or emerging mobile platforms and can get rid of all the management hassles involved with mobile publishing

Mygazines HTML5-based system works seamlessly cross iPhone, Blackberry, Androids and it feels like a native app without the need to access the same from an App store. A Web Based Platform For Easy Distribution, Tracking And Analyzing Content On Any Web Enabled Device 3

Web publishers whose targeted audience are iPad users –currently the most popular device in the market- and who always wonder whether there is any separate software available for iPad publishing, should test It will deliver an optimized version to iPad users without taking any additional steps. A Web Based Platform For Easy Distribution, Tracking And Analyzing Content On Any Web Enabled Device 4

There are no extra payments, uploads or formatting steps required for the content creator. Users access optimized mobile editions via the same URL they would use on our desktop solution. No “download this app” nags, cut down the number of steps and let users engage with the content right from the very first second.


Looking for an online catalog software to merchandise and distribute content to your audience?’s catalog inventory allows you to merchandise your content for different audiences and engage users with videos, links, animation. This is useful and lets your product and service stand out from the crowd. The more engaging and appealing your copy is, the more likely you will convert users into customers.

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Watch the following video to learn what Mygazines digital publishing solutions is all about and how it can benefit your business and help you reach and engage with a targeted audience.