GoingUp Provides Everything A Blogger Needs

GoingUp Provides Everything A Blogger Needs 1

Site owners and professional bloggers use a variety of tools to assess the performance of their website. The number priority is to get as much traffic on the site as possible. To achieve this, the current traffic being received is analyzed statistically and graphically, search engine optimization tools are employed to generate material users search for, and various other applications are used.

GoingUp is a wonderful free website that combines virtually all the tools a site owner or professional blogger will need to better his/her site via the above mentioned tools.

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What GoingUp has in abundance are search engine optimization tools; a multitude of such tools are incorporated into our free GoingUp account.

We choose our preferred language type after we sign up:


It is advisable to select one of the BEST languages type because these have more powerful tracking capability, they automatically update as new features become available, they give us full access to all GoingUp features, and let us earn points which make us eligible for GoingUp’s premium services.

A few notable features of GoingUp include:

1. With complete website statistics available, we can see our visitors, referring URLs, and search engine traffic.


2. By tracking our keyword positions we can see how well our keywords were positioned.


3. We can set custom tracking events to see sales, downloads, and subscriptions.


4. GoingUp has a great AJAX interface that enables us to view only the data we want to see.


Apart from these features GoingUp also includes Traffic Trend Analysis, Recent Visitor Map, User Profile Data, Heat Maps, Inbound Link Monitoring, Public Web-stats, Page Optimizer Tool, and Keyword Density Tool.

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In conclusion, GoingUp is a must-bookmark site for all webmasters.