First Generation Of Google Buzz Tips, Tricks And Resources

First Generation Of Google Buzz Tips, Tricks And Resources 1

Google Buzz is Google’s latest product for sharing updates, photos, videos, and more. Many people are saying that Google Buzz will start healthy competition in the micro-blogging industry where Facebook and Twitter was enjoying as leaders. Do not forget to follow us on Google Buzz to get updates with all the latest happening at Smashing Apps.

Google Buzz is a new way to publish your ideas to the world or just to your closest friends, and start conversations about the things you find interesting. It has an option to see thumbnails with each post, and browse full-screen photos from popular sites. Today, we are listing down few stuffs from the first generation of Google Buzz Tips, Tricks And Resources.


Let’s start with a video to find how Google Buzz works

Chrome Buzz


Buzz It For Firefox


Buzz It! will make a buzz status update via Gmail with the link and title of the webpage you are viewing. It will also shorten URLs with, allowing the user to monitor their link statistics.

Five Tips to Thrive on Google Buzz


With Google Buzz, users have found their inboxes converted instantaneously into a social hub. Google’s bold move has turned the web into a whirlwind of blog posts appraising or criticizing the service. Here are some of the ways you can maximize the use of Buzz if you want to give it a try.

4 Google Buzz Hacks for Users, Developers, and Haters


ReadWriteWeb came across a few tips and tricks worth sharing with you.

12 Undocumented Tricks for Google Buzz


AEXT proud to present you with 12 simple tricks to help give you a better Buzz.

Google Buzz API


Google Buzz Button WordPress Plugin


Google didn’t release any official button yet but Clickonf5 has released a WordPress plugin to add a button on a post/page. Once your visitor will click on this button, they will be taken to a page where they can add some note on your post’s link and title and share that on their Buzz. This way your post/page’s reach will increase by huge amount.

Google Buzz Icons


Unmatchedstyle released free set of 16, 32, 64 and 128 pixel versions, a photoshop file of all the icons and the buzz bee as an eps. You can use them however you want.

Google Buzz Social Icons for Bloggers and Designers


10 high resolution Google Buzz Icons of different Style and Sizes are  included in this set.

Don’t Like Google Buzz Or If It’s Not For You? Then…


If you do not like Google Buzz or it’s really not for you so there is a way that you can keep it out of your Gmail inbox. You would need to go down on the inbox page and there is an option that say “turn off buzz ”

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