Atmail 6, A Linux Based Webmail Client And Email Solution

Atmail 6, A Linux Based Webmail Client And Email Solution 1

Atmail 6 provides an enhanced Webmail platform for your existing mail-server via IMAP. Offer the Atmail interface to your existing users and provide more then just standard Webmail. CalDAV client included.

Atmail Webmail Client

Atmail allows users to access IMAP Mailboxes on any server of your choice. You and your users can experience webmail via a fluid, intuitive interface that excels aesthetically and functionally; a benchmark that very few webmail clients have achieved.

Staying in touch with business or personal contacts is made easy by the groupware features of Atmail. The easy-to-use calendar events, tasks, and free-busy scheduler provide collaboration and communication around the clock, with the simplicity of a browser-based interface.

As a WebMail Client, Atmail is accessible to users via any web browser or wireless device. Requests are handled by the web-server, Apache, which runs the Atmail WebMail Client application written in PHP.

User Settings, Address Book, Calendar/Task, profiles and account information are stored in a MySQL database. In Client Mode, email delivery and storage control are retained by the SMTP and IMAP server, which is accessed by the WebMail Client of Atmail.

Webmail Client Feature List

Atmail Webmail Software boasts an innovative user interface, pushing the boundaries of the traditional WebMail feature-set:

  • Intuitive Webmail GUI
  • Groupware support
  • Enhanced Address Book
  • Calendar supports iCal/CalDAV
  • New Atmail 6 Framework
  • Tabbed Email Browsing
  • Full MIME Support
  • HTML templates for easy customization
  • Folder Management Utility
  • Mailbox Sorting & Searching
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