An Easy Solution To Synchronize Folders In Windows With Bvckup

An Easy Solution To Synchronize Folders In Windows With Bvckup 1

I use two computer machines – a desktop and a laptop. I run Windows on both. Whenever I create a new file on either machine, I back it up on the other. Many people use this system of manual backup which is quite time consuming. A much better alternative is automatically file synchronization and one of the best programs for this is Bvckup.

Bvckup is a program currently in its beta that works with Windows operating systems. The program has a number of interface and functionality features which set it apart from applications that perform the same auto-synching tasks.

After installing the program you can view it monitor your files from your System Tray.


When you open Bvckup, its window program readjusts to the compact view by default to occupy the minimum space on your desktop.


To enable the backing up a folder, you simple add a new backup job. This means selecting a name / description of the backup and selecting the source plus destination folders.


If there are files in the source folder which you want excluded from the synchronization process, Bvckup lets you specify these files.


You can also choose between scheduled backup or automatic backups whenever Bvckup picks up a change in the source folder. The program detects changes in the source folder by first inspecting changes in the local hard drive area. If no local changes are found, it saves time by not even reading that part of the hard disk thereby eliminating unnecessary spin-ups of idle hard drives. Moreover while backing up files, whenever possible only the modified portion of the file is copied instead of the entire file – this saves time.

A complete backup log is maintained which details all errors that occurred, if any.


In conclusion, Bvckup is a competent and user friendly file backup solution for Windows. You should hurry up in getting it because the program is only free as long as it in beta.

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