A Simple Discussion Space Accessible With Browser Or Email

A Simple Discussion Space Accessible With Browser Or Email 1

ReSubj is a place to start a discussion with your friends or colleagues or anyone. These people don’t need registration (neither do you) or accounts on ReSubj. You only need to know their emails.



1.  Discuss any topic with lot’s of people right now and waste no time for registration.
2. No need to search through old emails to reply to a specific comment. Keep track of the whole discussion.
3. You only need other’s emails – add them to the inbox and have all the discussion visible to them.


How to use ReSubj?

After you collect emails in a recipients field, write your message and hit “Create an inbox”—you’ll be redirected to your newly created Inbox. At ReSubj an Inbox is a page that contains your discussion. Recipients will be able to access an Inbox page, read your message and post their own comments. They will also receive email notifications and will be able to post new comments simply by replying to those notifications in their email client, without visiting the Inbox page.

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