2014 Is The Year For Professional Web Designers: See How Webydo Is Leading This New Era

2014 Is The Year For Professional Web Designers: See How Webydo Is Leading This New Era 1

2014 is the mark of a new era for the professional web designer. With more platforms and accessories widely available and at reasonable prices, the creative pro’s are stepping up their game. But what does this mean for the industry of the DIY web site builders? So far, we’ve mainly only seen advertisements of these DIY creators boasting that anyone can build a website. While yes, anyone can, the final product less than appealing. Now, moving forward and saving both time and money, designers are looking to take control and not have to resort to such platforms or have to hire a developer, so what’s the answer to this?

Webydo is a SaaS (Software as a Service) AKA a cloud-based service that is providing an online professional platform for designers to work with features they are familiar with like ‘Photoshop or ‘InDesign’. In our case the software is a combination of a website building platform and hosting service where all the features of the software are presented through the browser.

All sites are built and hosted with Webydo resources.

Webydo is a professional online suite that allows designers to create and manage quality HTML websites without writing any code and without the need to rely on a developer. Webydo lets designers bring their designs to life with just a click of a button and to publish an advanced HTML website with a built in Content Management System for the site owner.

Webydo is the bi-product of a community of designers. All features in it were developed by paying attention to the designers’ needs and requirements.

Some of the important features of Webydo are discussed below.


Professional Features

Webydo allows designers to design within the browser i.e. online with a professional web design software that provides complete control over the different kinds of design elements.

The designer can start from scratch with a blank canvas or use pre-designed layouts as they want.

The software is somewhat akin to Photoshop so the designers won’t face much difficulty in getting acquainted with it and thus spending less time learning a new system and more diving into the creative process.


Aside from the intuitive design elements, Webydo offers the trail blazing ability for designers to white label or brand their CMS by adding in their or their client’s logo. In addition, designers are able to send branded invoices for services rendered directly from the dashboard.


Code Free

Webydo is set to change the traditional methods of website designing. As we move into 2014, coding is becoming an idea of the past and code free development platforms are leading the way, and Webydo is taking the lead. Webydo is aimed at the professional designer by allowing them to work without having to hire a developer; they are saving more than 70% of their resources and can allocate more time to the design, the clients and not worrying about how to set up the backend development.

The designer can design his website online and the system will automatically convert the design into an updated HTML code which can be accessed by the Content Management System (or CMS) of the designer’s client.

Cross Platform Code

The code talked about above is a cross-platform code. This means that the code that Webydo will generate will work across multiple browsers and also across multiple devices making it even easier than ever before to create a responsive website.

You see this code is updated to the latest industry standards. Of course it is very frustrating to know that your website is working fine on Chrome but is causing some problems with Firefox.

Or that it loads fine on a desktop computer but causes trouble on a smartphone.

With Webydo you don’t need to worry about such matters.


Webydo allows you to create elements that are based on a repetitive design. These include blog posts, a collection of products, news feeds, etc. The clients will have the option to update and add new articles from the CMS directly without making any changes to the design elements. All new posts will then follow the same pattern of design or the same design format as the previous posts would.

This is necessary for a consistent look and good overall design. Imagine a website with different articles all written in different kinds of fonts, different kinds of styles in headings, etc. It won’t look either nice or trustworthy.

Webydo was created by designers and for designers who are deciding the future of this trend setting platform. There are currently over 35K designers worldwide we are submitting and voting on new features on Webydo’s Participate page and watching as their suggestions are being turned into a design reality. Webydo is leading the way not only because they are a code free website creator, but because they are actually listening to their community’s needs and making it a reality.

Webydo is made to be affordable for the business professional so they can take on and manage more clients. The free plan offers sites which are accessible through a Webydo subdomain which are automatically generated. If designers wish to upgrade to a premium account later they can surely do so and for an affordable price of $7.9/ month (billed annually) & $9.9/ month (billed biannually). The Premium account allows for unlimited page creation, 2GB of storage and hosting of the custom domain name. The free plan, on the other hand, allows access to all the same professional design features but with a cap of only 15 pages, 1GB of storage and hosting on the Webydo subdomain.

The best way to know a platform is to use it. Go and use the free version of Webydo to design a website and let me know what you feel in the comments below.

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