Webydo: The Code Free Website Creator Platform For Professional Designers

Webydo: The Code Free Website Creator Platform For Professional Designers 1

Let’s say you are a designer who is hired by clients to create websites. The traditional process is to design the picture of the website in Photoshop and get it approved by the client. Once he approves it, you will have to hire a developer or a coder who will then convert that design into hand written HTML code which a web browser understands. Then when that code is uploaded on the server, the website goes live.

But research revealed that under such methods, 70% of the money is spent on the developer. The coding costs too much.

This is the problem that Webydo, a professional website creator software, is designed to solve.

Webydo is based on the principle which puts the designer in charge. The designer can design a website in the browser itself without needing any coding language. He can upload images, videos, audio files, insert text material and place them anywhere on the page using drag and drop feature. As the designer works on the website, the website builder tool of Webydo automatically converts each design element into code. This goes on in the background and when the site design is completed the designer can download the complete code and submit it to the client.

So you see the code is generated without the need of any developer.

Webydo hunted and hired a group of excellent mathematicians who developed this algorithm which not only generates the code automatically but also makes it very easy for designers and their clients to manage and operate a website.

After its release in 2012, it became an instant hit.

Until now, over 13,000 designers from around the world have created more than 75,000 websites using this software.

Below I discuss some of the important features of Webydo.

Cross platform

Did you know that if your website works fine in Mozilla Firefox then it may not work as well in Chrome? Different web browsers and different mobile operating systems display the same site differently. As a website designer, it is necessary for you to ensure that your code works properly on all browsers and devices.

Webydo ensures this by generating a cross-platform code which is updated to the latest industry standards. This guarantees that your website will look as you want it to look on all browsers and devices.

Advanced features

Webydo offers many advanced web design features which you can use to create beautiful website designs. These features include a grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries, the ability to design sophisticated forms, set corner radiuses and other elements’ properties such as fill, shadow and stroke.

Webydo’s newest feature, articles, was selected by their design community themselves on their Participate forum where designers can communicate directly with the Product team on which features they want to see next. Now it’s possible for designers to create and manage things such as blogs, product collections, news feeds, etc using Webydo’s advanced Design Studio.


Nowadays more and more stores are cropping up online. Online shopping has many advantages over offline shopping and hence many people choose the former option. Successes of websites like Amazon and eBay are witness to this fact.

So if you too want to start the next Amazon, I mean if you want to start a website for selling products online, then Webydo has you covered.

Webydo offers an easy integration of Ecwid E-Commerce widget a dynamic and mobile friendly solution which accepts a range of payment solutions.
Designer-Client Relationship

  •  “Build Your Brand”
    • Designers can now brand Webydo as their own for their clients.
  • “Bill Your Client”
    • Now designers can invoice clients for projects or services directly from Webydo
  • “Share Your Site Design”
    • Designers can create spaces on their websites that are uneditable regions. The reason being is that the client will only be able to edit the content while the designer can have total access to the design. Webydo’s CMS is extremely strong.


Webydo offers a very usable Content Management System or CMS. As you design your website, Webydo automatically creates a friendly CMS. This CMS works two ways i.e. it can be operated upon by both you and your client. This has the advantage that your client can show you which elements he wants where and you can show him how the site will look after the implementation of those changes. Showing is better than talking.


Simple editing

Webydo’s CMS is designed to help make editing easier. The CMS editor is as simple to use as working on a Word document. You can replace texts, insert graphics alter images and change videos.

After you are done with the edits, just hit Publish and all the changes will take effect immediately.

Remember Webydo is designed to not to let coding be a hindrance to website creators and it reflects in all its elements.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an absolute necessity for your website. In case you don’t know, it is a way in which you optimize your website so that it is easier for search engines to find and index your site and return the relevant pages of it as search results when someone searches for the particular keywords related to your pages.

Webydo helps you in your SEO by providing you with the necessary tools of the trade. Use them and see your website climb up in search results.


Webydo’s dashboard allows you to control multiple websites from the same account. So if you are a designer and have multiple clients then you can control and manage all their websites from a single dashboard. You can control unlimited clients’ sites from your dashboard. You don’t need to sign in and out of multiple accounts. Isn’t this hassle free? (YES IT IS!!)

Site analytics

Feedback is very necessary in any kind of business. If you don’t know how your audience is reacting to your website how will you improve upon it?

Webydo offers you accurate real time stats about traffic to your website, your page rank tracking, etc.

I think I have given you enough reasons to try out Webydo. Here is an awesome offer exclusively for SmashingApps readers, use coupon code SmashingAppsVIP9872 to get 72% of on 1st year. Go and visit the website and see it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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