40+ Fresh And Free Icons In PSD Format

In the web designing, designers concentrate on every area of their designs whether it is color selection, icons, creativity, color blending and so on. Right selection of icons can make their designs stand out and look stunning as well. In the web designing field, icons play a very important role because beautiful and creative icon sets can easily make web designs more attractive and stunning. This is the reason that every web designer keeps in hand some high quality and useful icon sets that enhance their designs productivity.

In this collection we are showcasing some exceptional, fresh, high quality and free Icons in PSD files. All these stunning icons are in PSD format so that designers can easily edit these PSD files with their ease and requirements and save their precious time too. Click through and feel free to download. Use these creative and eye-catching icon sets and make your web designs more stunning and wonderful. Have a look at this collection and also share what do you think about this collection via comment section is below.

App Icon

Download Popover

Gemicon Icon Set

Glossy World Globe Icon

Simple Flat Social Media Icons

SSD Icon


Download Button

Meteo Gauges

Facebook Newsfeed Icons

24 Flat Icons


Handcrafted Micro Icons

Winter and Summer Thermometers Icon

Simple Flat Icons

Cellphone Menu Pointer

Mini Glyph Icons

Task Accomplished Icon

Mini Glyphs Icon Set

Cloud Growl

Security Verification

Thin Stroke Icons

Phone Book Icon

20 Flat Icons

Abstract Origami Speech Bubble Icon

Mouse Cursor PSD and Hand Pointer Icons

Phone iOS Icon

Responsive Icon Design

Discussion Icon

Download Software Box

Organization Chart Icon


Not the new Clear iOS 7 icon

Flat Icons

Flat File Icons

Megaphone PSD

Glyph Icon Set

Glyph Icons

Trophy PSD

Credit Card Icons


Music App Icon

22 Fresh Social Media Icons (PSD & PNG)

By placing different social media icons on a website designer allows the visitors of that website to share the website content and information on their social networking profiles with just one click. If you want that more visitors will come to your websites then you should have some refreshing and attractive social media icons.

In today’s post, we have gathered 22 fresh, elegant and smart social media icons for the web designers so that they can use these trendy and eye-catching social media icons on their websites. Social media is a very good platform for the marketing of your goods and services as well as you can connect to your follower in the meantime. Come and check out these colorful and attractive social media icons that will surely be helpful in your work.

Social Slides

Silky Smooth Social Icons

Metal Social Media Icons

Sexy Social Buttons (PSD)

Social Media Sharing Buttons (PSD)

Social Media Icon Set

Free Social Buttons PSD

Social Media Tabs

Free Social Icons

Free Ribbon Social Media Icons PNG (256 px)

Circle Social Icons Set: 35 Social Media Icons in PSD & PNG

Social Icons Sprites: 35 Ready To Use Icons in PSD, PNG, HTML/CSS

35 Wooden Free Social Networking Icons

Shiny Social Icons (PSD)

100 Free White Social Media Icons | 256 px PNGs & Vector File

Free White Premium Social Networking Icons For Elegant Themes & Websites

Social Media Icons for 2013 – PSD and PNGs

20 Free Retro Style Social Media Icons 2013 Set For Pretty & Girly Blogs

Sketch Chalk Social Icons Free PSD

15 free social media icons (PSD & PNG)

20 Popular Social Media Icons (PSD & PNG)

Bubble Social Icons Free PSD

45 High Quality And Best Ecommerce Icons

If you are searching for some high quality and best ecommerce related icons then you have come to the right place. Ecommerce market these days are expanding quite extensively owing to the flexibility involved in this process of shopping. To make your ecommerce website look trendy and appealing, relevant ecommerce icons can play a vital role.

In this collection, we are presenting some high quality ecommerce icons for you that you can download for free. One can significantly increase the sales of the online shop by placing meaningful and evocative icons at strategic places. Let us have a look at this collection and feel free to download as many as you like. Enjoy!

Weby Icon Set

30 Ecommerce Icons Sets

Debit Card and Payment Icons Set

Payment options



Shopping Icons

Free Mobile Berries

Exclusive Free eCommerce Icons

Pos Machine Icons

Shopping bag icons

Exclusive Payment Method Icon Set for our readers

Titan icons

Playground icons

Shopping cart icon

Tango-styled Shopping cart

Payment Icons

Shopping Cart and Basket Icons

Payment Icons

Stylish Ecommerce Icon Set

Shopping Icons

Shop Icons

E-Commerce Icon Set


Payment Icon Set

Free eCommerce Icon Set

Free E-Commerce Icons from IconShock

Sienna Icons

CSS Globe Icon Set

10 Hochwertige, Exclusive E-Commerce Icons

Colorful Stickers Part 3 Icon Set

Free Shopping Basket

InfoMerchant – Credit Card Images

Project Icon Set For Free Download

30 free office Icons

20 Free Payment Option Icons

Free Vector Financial Elements

12 Free eCommerce Vector Icons

Shopping Vector Icon Set

E-Commerce Icon Set

Delivery Icon Vector Set

Coquette Part 9 Icon Set

Shopping Basket Icons 3D

Checkout Process Icons

Free Payment Method Icons Set


50 Free Vector Art Signs And Symbols Packs

Well if you have noticed the icons on an iPhone, you might have noticed that all of the icons although look different yet they all have the same feel and all of the icons look like as they are the different part of the same set. This is called theme. For a professional look, maintaining theme throughout the design is very important and for this reason designers create custom made icons that look similar to each other. There are numbers of ways to achieve this theme and maintain consistency, and using vector graphics and vector art signs is one of them. Vector art have the quality that on resizing the graphics it does not get blurred or pixelated.

Here we have gathered for you some truly awesome and fine looking vector art signs and symbols available in freebies pack so that you can download them for free of cost. Have a look and enjoy!

Pointing tag different color vector

Earth Globe And Sandglass

Free Vector Sport Icons

Full HD Monitor Vector

Question Vector Icons

Tv and Earth Globe

3d Vector Telephone Icons

Space Rocket

Vector Bookmarks – Ribbons

Office & Business hand draw icon


Hologram Sticker Vectors

Red medical icons vector

Green Eco Symbols2

Awesome Twitter Icon Mega Collection

Social Web Icons

Free Computer Icons

Free Vector Hotel Icons

Web icons and RSS symbols vector

Touch Screen icons

Wood Signs Vector

Multi Purpose Icons

Crowns Vectors

Barrel with a few symbols

Vector Pack – Greeting Bubble Stickers

Work In Progress clip art

Set of Vector Recycle Symbols

Free vector Crazy pencils

Vector Traffic Light

12 Colorful Vector Elements

Vector Tape Cassettes

Vector Rollup Banner Template

Vector Flip Flops

Vector Gallery Room

Ducati Motorcycle Vector

Simple Vector Icons

Vector Wood

Vector Leather Sofa

Vector Cardboard Boxes

Free Vector Easter eggs

3d Vector Elements

Vector 4G iPhone

Product Labels

Label Designs

Collection of Sweets

Road Signs Free Vector

Goofy Bubbles Vector

Classy Smartphone Free Vector

Beautiful Easter Eggs with Ornaments

Server Theme Icon Vector Material Server

45 Fresh Collection Of Free Icon Sets Available In PSD Format

Here we have come up with a fresh collection of some useful and nice looking icon sets that are available in PSD format so that you can easily edit them according to your own needs. Having a high quality and visually appealing icon sets always come in handy for the designers as they can save a lot of their designing time as well as effort. Furthermore, nice looking and attractive icon sets give a website design a very pleasant and nice look.

With this collection, we are showcasing a fresh assortment of some free and fresh icon sets in PSD format for you so that you can download them and simplify your work process. Resources such as icon sets are meant to expedite your work flow by allowing you carry out certain actions quickly thus helping you to improve your productivity as well. Feel free to share this collection with others and do let us know your opinions about this compilation.

Come and check out these colorful and cute icons that will surely please your everyday computer usage. Please chime in with other recommendations! Enjoy!!!

Retina-Ready iOS App Icon Templates

Sand Timer Icon, Hourglass Icon

Solar Energy Vector Icon

3D Metallic Icon

Jewel Case & Vinyl

Apple TV Settings Icon

Vector Back to school Background

Blue Icon

Opened Leather Book

24 Glossy Social Media Icons

3d Check Box Icon

Polaroid Photo Avatar

School Globe, Geography Icon

20 Popular Social Media Icons


45 iOS Tab Bar Icons

Round Rating Buttons

18 Vector Web Icons

Files Archive Box

Beautiful Free Shopping Cart Icon

50 Food Icon Set

Control buttons

Simple Social Media Icon Set

Eraser Icon

Metal Volume Knob

Map pin

16px icons

Social Media Icon Set

icon (free psd)

Clock iOS Icon

Google Keep


Simple Social Icons

Camera PSD

Paper Bird Icon, Origami symbolic vector illustration

Minimal Chalkboard

Px Social Icon Set

Wooden Shelf Display Mockup

Paper Icon

Desktop icons

Cd Icon

Apple flat devices

Flat Icons

Location Markers

11 Free Magnifying Glass Search Icons (PSD) Set

These days magnifying glass search icons are very common and you can see that they are used in various websites as well as software products. By using unique magnifying glass search icons you can easily improve the appearance of your websites and software products. These free magnifying glass search icons are in high-res psds, and all layers are separated. Graphic designers, web designers and developers are using magnifying glass search icons in their projects.

Today, we present an interesting showcase of 11 free magnifying glass search icons (PSD) Set for you. You can also tell us what you think about this post and share your precious opinion with us via comment section below.

Free Magnifier Glass Icon

Magnifying Glass Icon

Magnifying Glass PSD icon

Magnifying Glass Search Icon

Global Search Icon, Psd Globe and Magnifier

Magnifa Pro Search Icon

Magnifying Glass Icon

Magnifying Glass Icons

PSD Magnifier Zoom Icons

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass Icons

14 Free Business Charts, Graph PSDs And Vector Files

If you are looking for some free business charts and graph icons then this post will help you. In this post, we gathered 14 free and stylish Business Charts and Graph Icons PSDs and Vector files. You can use these free business charts and graph icons in your web or graphic designs.

You can see the variety of colorful and appealing business charts and graph icons in the internet because these free business charts and graph icons are cool and they are high-res psd, png and vector file. All layers are separated, so you can easily change shapes and colors. What do you have to say about this assortment?

Financial Graph Icon

Business Graph PSD

Elegant Line Graph PSD

Funky Graph UI

Line Chart PSD

Charts and Graphs in Vector Format

Business Graph

Pie Chart Icon

PSD Glossy Graphic Charts

PSD 3D Business Graph Icon

Free 3D Charts

Orange Graph Widget

Businessman Working on the Currency Chart Line

Free Vector Chart Icons

11 Useful And Free iPhone Toolbar Icon Sets

This post is about the 11 free iPhone toolbar icons sets. These sets give your iPhone a personal touch as well as depth and also highlight the icon features. This is the simple and easy way to give your iPhone a personal touch.

Come and check out these free and cute icons that will surely please your everyday iPhone usage. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Enjoy!!!

Free iphone Toolbar Icons

iPhone Tab Bar Icons – Apple HW

Icons: Breathe

FylcsDamino Mod

Free Mobile App Icons

350 Mobile App Icons

Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

The Android Developer Common Icon Set II

Project Icons

Token Icon Set

Huge Set of Minimal Icons

40 Symbols, Signs, Glyph And Simple Icon Sets For Your Design

In this round up, we are presenting a wonderful collection of 40 glyph, symbols and simple icon sets for you to download for free of cost. These days, using glyph icons in website designs have become a trend which is getting popular day by day. The best thing about using glyph icons in web designs is that they eliminate text caption. In this way, glyph icons perform the most trickiest part of the designing which is replacing text with suitable icons.

So, without any further ado; we present this complete list of 40 glyph, symbols and simple icon sets. Feel free to download as many as you like; and make your design simple yet elegant. We hope that you will find something interesting for you in this round up. Enjoy!

Glyph UI Icon Set

Minimicons 2nd Edition

App Bits


Pyconic PNG Icons

Pixels Icon Set

Blue Icon Set

Tiny Icons

Token Icons

Glyphish Icons

Gcons Icons



Pixel UI Icon Set

Tiny icons


Mini Glyphs

16px Glyph Icons

20 Minimal Ecommerce Icons

Shopping Icons

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set

Meta Icons

Wireframe Toolbar Icons

Lindos Micro Icons

Safari Finder Glyphs

Pixicus Icon Set

Pixel UI Icon Set

Micro Icon Set


Agile Toolkit Icon Set

Icon Set

Simple Icon

Vector Icons

Crisp Web UI Icons

Retro Icon Set

Tinycons Free Preview Pack


12px Glyphs

Apple Glyphs

Freecns UI Icons


In this collection, you have seen 40 glyph, symbols and simple icon sets that you can download for free. By using these glyph icons and symbols sets, you can make your web designs look trendy and more attractive. We hope that this collection proves to be the best and will help you get going in the initial phases of your web designing projects. Do let us know what you feel about this round up. Enjoy!

16 Mobile App Icon PSDs For Free Download

In today’s article, we are showcasing 16 free mobile app icon templates (PSD) sets only for you. All of these icon templates are of excellent quality. These mobile app icon templates are cute, colorful and appealing. You can also download these mobile app icon templates and one thing more they are high-res psd, ai, eps and vector files. In mobile app icon templates all layers are separated so you can adjust the shape and color easily.

This collection proves to be very helpful for you and you can easily use these icon templates in your next project. Grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this cool collection.

Mobile App icon templates

Shine Steel App Style Free Icons Set

Gmail iPhone App Icon

Mobile App Icon

Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop

iPhone App Icon PSD Design

App Keyboard Icons

Neat E-Book iPhone App Icon

Dark Clock App Icon

Farmer Market App Icon

Telly Icon

Vector Camera Icon

Chat Icon

Subway App Icon

IOS Camera Icon

Vector Camera Icon