10 High Quality Free Ribbon Fonts

Font plays a vital role in the success of any design. There are abundant types of fonts and they all are beautiful in their own way, but they are not meant for each and every design. Each and every font is suitable for certain type of project and therefore, choosing the right font for the right project always impart the feel they wish to contribute. Here, we are showcasing 10 high quality ribbon fonts for you. These fonts will be suitable for celebration themes and to add a classic touch to your design.
Here is the full collection after the jump. We hope that you will find these ribbon fonts useful for you. Do tell us what you have to say about this collection. Your comments are always welcome.

Ribbon Alphabet


Ribbon Effect Of Letters

Ribbons extended

RIDGE Free Typeface

BCS BenWood Font

Davys Ribbons Font


Stiletto Font

Bladeline Font

50 Free Flat UI Kits For User Interface Designers

Here, you will find 50 useful and free to download flat user interface (UI) kits that can boost your designs. These UI kits will help you get started with your UI design project in no time. The time has gone when people used flashy illustrations, extraneous textures and drop down shadows in web designs. Now, the trend has changed, now people want more user-centric web design style.

These UI kits will be of great assistance for the beginners and also for the professionals as they can save their loads of time. These kits usually come in PSD file formats, patterns and a lot of user interface elements. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. You can also share your opinions via comment section below. Your comments are always welcome.

Blog/Magazine Flat UI Kit

Polaris UI Free

Even: A Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Square UI Free

Flat UI Kit

Metro Tiles UI Kit

Blog / Magazine UI Kit

Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

Flat AP UI Kit

Free Flat UI kit

Flat / UI Kit

Flat Design UI Components

Flatlyfe UI Kit

Simple UI Kit with Flat Colors

Free Flat UI Kit PSD

Free Color UI Kit

Mega Flat UI Kit

A Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD

Flat UI Kit (Free PSD)

Behance Style Flat Ui Kit Free

Free Flat UI Kit

Flat UI Design Kit


Flat UI Freebie Pack

Free Folia UI Kit

Purple UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

UI Shopping Kit

I/UX Flat Design

Ui Kit

Momonosuke UI

Flat UI kit

Responsive Ui Kit

Flat User Interface Set

Free Ui kit

Lucent UI

Orange/Cyan UI

Flat + Transparent UI

Ecommerce Flat UI Kit

Minimize UI Kit

Free Modern UI

Flat UI Kit


Human After All

Touch50px UI Kit

RED UI – User Interface Design Kit PSD

Almost Flat Dark UI Pack

City Break UI Kit

15 Free MacBook Mockup PSD Designs

We have previously presented many collections of PSD mockup designs, and this time around, we have also come up with some free mockup designs in PSD format but this time these designs are for MacBook. These mockup designs will be handy for e your new design projects. We all admit that Apple has a huge impact on designers all over the world as they always came up with extraordinary and revolutionary products. This is the reason why designers seek Apple products for inspiration. This is because Apple products designs have been created with an effective use of essential key concepts of product design, therefore, they come up so well.
Here is the full collection after the jump. We hope that this collection proves to be the best for you and provide you all those elements which you require to get started with your new design. Enjoy!

Fully Layered Macbook Air

Retina mbp

Flat Devices

MacBook Air Psd Mockup

MacBook Pro Mockup

Macbook Air PSD

PSD Macbook Air

Macbook Pro Mockup

MacBook Air Mockup

Macbook Air – Fully Scalable PSD

Vectorized Macbook

MacBook Retina

Apple Device Wireframes

MacBook PSD

Flat iDevices Mockup PSD

Essential Free Mac Apps for Designers & Developers

In this round up, we are showcasing a list of 8 most essential Mac apps for the designers. This list is especially intended for those designers who are switching from Windows or using a Mac for the first time. However, experienced Mac users will also find these apps very useful. Development of different types of apps has made developers’ lives easier.
So, browse through this collection and try exploring these apps and choose which one you would opt for. Do let us know what you think about this compilation. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy!


Imagine is practical writing at its best. A simple, clean, readable layout and all you’d ever expect from a simple text editor, but so much more. You no longer need TextEdit, or Word. Imagine can do it all for you, in a faster, more beautiful package.


HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.


Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips.


Anxiety is a super-lightweight To-do list application for Mac OS X Leopard that synchronizes with iCal and Mail. Its aim is to provide a streamlined, easily accessible interface to add and check off your tasks, while remaining poised to melt into the background at a moments notice.


Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, XMPP (Jabber), Yahoo, and more.


Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s free and open source.

The Unarchiver

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It’s free and open source.

15 Photoshop Free Scribble and Doodle Brushes

Here, we have put together a collection of some useful Photoshop scribble and doodle brushes for you. You can download them and simplify your work process. Resources such as Photoshop brushes are meant to expedite your work flow by allowing you carry out certain actions quickly thus helping you to improve your productivity as well. For today’s collection, we have chosen scribble and doodle brushes and these brushes are so interesting and useful that even if you are not into scribbling and doodling art, you must check them out. You can use these brush sets for fun and spark your creativity as well.
Without any further ado, we want to present this interesting and appealing compilation of some Photoshop scribble and doodle brushes for you. These brushes can be downloaded for free and can easily be integrated with Photoshop for instant use. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below.

Dirt2 Secret Garden Brushes

Doodle Brush Pack

Sushi Doodle Photoshop Brush

Hand-Drawn Brushes

Cool Brushes

Cutsie Vector


CU hand drawn doodle brushes

From the sky.. brushes

Mariko’s Psychedelic BrushSet

Free Paisley doodle photoshop brushes

Retro Sryle

Arrow Brushes

Cute,Sweet,Girly Girl Love Doodle Brushes

20 High Res Doodle Brushes

20 Fresh & Free Vector (AI, EPS Files) Background

In this collection, we are showcasing 20 fresh and wonderful free vector backgrounds for you that you can download and use for free of cost. This collection will help you in your next projects of website designing. As we all know very well that nowadays vector backgrounds are used quite extensively in websites, in print designs as well as wallpapers and etc.
You can also download these vector backgrounds in EPS or AI format; and can easily modify these vector backgrounds to fulfill your needs. Do have a look at these vector backgrounds and do not forget to share your comments with us. We hope that you will like this collection. Enjoy!

Abstract Background

Beautiful Floral Vector Background

Geometric Colorful Abstract Background Vector

City Skyscape

Abstract Background Vector

Watercolor Floral Background Vector Illustration

Abstract hi-tech background

Abstract Background Vector

Free Abstract Vector Background

Floral blue vector background

Colorful Abstract Vector Background

Abstract Dotted Vector Background

Abstract Background Circles

Emerald Diamond Pattern Vector

Glowing Grid Vector

Colorful Retro Background Vector

Square Seamless Pattern

Blue Background

Abstract Vector Background

Triangular Speech Bubble

45 Fresh Icon Designs For Inspiration

Here is an inspirational collection of 45 fresh icons for our designers who are in search of high quality and free icon sets. Icons are the most important design element for the designers that are used in almost all web related projects. Having a good collection of high quality icon set is like a real godsend for the web designers. This is the main reason why many designers spend so much of their time to search for the high quality and fresh icon sets.

Below, you will find 45 fresh and free to use icon sets for the designers. Though, these icons are presented for your inspiration but you can also download free icons and use them in your work but make sure you read the terms and conditions before.

A Gorgeous Flat-Styled Icon Set

Credit Card Flat Icons

Roundicons Icon Set

The Social Media Badges Icon Set

5 O’Clock Shadows Icon Set

The Payment System Icon Set

iOS Icons

Stripes & Co – A Line-Styled Icon Set

Free Icon Set

The Bitcoin Icon Set

Social Icons PSD Set

50 Glyph Icons

Blue Web UI Icons

Mini Icon Set

The Fitflat Icon Set

Squared Icons

Free Online Payment Icon Set

Payment Icons

Free Flat Icons

Minimal Flat Icon

CyanRounds Icon Pack

Dark Synergy


Free Illustrative Vector Icons

Flat Elements

Social Media Line Icons

Mac OS Folder Icons

Ecommerce Line Icons

IC Minimal Icon Set Update

Small Icons

Cyanmetro Icons


Leaf Icons

Variation Yellow

Flat Jewels Icon Set

Light Blue Glow

Clean Origin Apex Nova GO ADW

App Icons


wht Icon Pack

Long Shadow Social Icons

35 Sweet Social Icons

30 Flat Shopping Icons

Education Icons Set

Wood Textured Social Media Icons

Social Network Icons

15 Free Superb Sans-Serif Fonts For Designers

Typography is an integral part of any design, be it a web design or a print design. Right selection of fonts can create huge difference and can make your design look outstanding and visually more appealing. Therefore, one should spend time to select right fonts for his designs.
Here we are presenting 15 free to use and very popular Sans-Serif fonts. Sans is French word that means ‘without’ while Serif font is a typeface that has extensions at the end of the strokes. This means Sans-Serif fonts are those that do not have extensions at the end of the strokes. Here is the complete list, Enjoy!

League Gothic

Dock 11

Bondoluo Peek

Savile – Typeface

Champagne & Limousines

Caviar Dreams




Cabin Font




Tenor Sans


14 UI Wireframe Stencils For Quick Prototyping

In this round up, we are presenting 14 wireframe UI stencils for the most popular social networking websites and others, so that you will be able to do a quick prototyping by using all these wireframing UI stencils with no trouble. You can use these wireframe UI stencils to create quick mockup of your clients’ projects and let them see how their project will look once it is completely designed.

Here is the complete collection after a small jump. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun in using them for your works.

Youtube UI PSD

iPad Sketch Elements

Free responsive wireframes

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget

Notification Centre UI PSD

Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

Twitter GUI

iOS7 Wireframe

Google+ GUI PSD Kit


Moonify UI

jQuery Mobile UI Elements

Responsive Layout Wireframe

20 Amazing Photoshop Bokeh Effect Brushes

Bokeh is a Japanese language word which comes from the word “boke” and its meaning is fuzzy. Bokeh relates to the photographic world and its meaning is ‘being out of focus or blurred’. Bokeh effect creates some stunning effects not only in photographs but also in web and graphic designs. As we all know that in the web or graphic designing world, Photoshop is the most favorite and helpful tool for the web designers. By using Photoshop Bokeh brushes, you can enhance the background of the photos, and can make your web designs look more attractive and appealing.
Today, we have a collection of some extremely impressive 20 Rare Photoshop Bokeh Effect Brushes that will make you say, “Wow!” Let’s have a closer look.

Bokette Bokeh Photosop Brush

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes VI

Quality Bokeh Brushes

Light bokeh and neon heart

Bokeh Brushes

Light Brushes

15 High Quality Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes VI

Bokeh Brushes


Bokeh Brushes

Heart Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Effect Brushes

High Quality Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

17 Sparkle of Lights PS Brush