15 Free Minimal And Responsive WordPress Themes


16 Responses

  1. Sandra Smith says:

    Are you kidding me? These awesome and beautiful responsive themes are free. Well I am going to download all of them.

  2. ResponsiveMiracle says:

    This is amazing list of FREE themes, and also RESPONSIVE. Thanks a lot, will download and archive lots of them.

  3. Mark says:

    Great list of free WordPress themes thanks.

  4. Horvath says:

    Many thanks for great list! Very useful for endusers and for Developers.

  5. K Bharath says:

    Ari WordPress Theme is great with sticky left sidebar.

  6. Web Design Campbell says:

    These are some really good wordpress themes which may cause a lot of response.

  7. andrew michs says:

    I sugegst a New Fashion Italian ecommerce responsive design

  8. fAkie says:

    Love the themes, thanks for sharing! Will use Adapt with the next project!

  9. Vanisha Kaur says:

    Great List And Cool Effort 🙂

  10. Flash Bang SEO says:

    Very nice list and a few I haven’t seen before.

  11. Siegfried says:

    Pilot fish is very good WordPress theme – I saw it heavily modified and it was just excellent!
    best regards!

  12. Responsive WP Themes says:

    Shutterloop and Gridly WordPress Theme is really great and clean look! Thanks for update

  13. Best Responsive Wordpress Themes says:

    I really like who smooth the layout is on the Respo theme. Thanks! Any idea when you’re going to make a new list?

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