By Akhter on December 20, 2012

40 Free Beautiful Photoshop Bokeh Brushes

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Everyone is familiar with the bokeh effects that can be created with Photoshop. Recently, the trend of adding bokeh effects to the designs is getting very much popular and majority of the designers as well as photographers love to add bokeh effects to their work. Bokeh effect can be defined as the blurring of the out of focus area in a picture. On the whole, blurring out a part of an image makes it easier for the onlookers to focus on the main part of the image.

For this round up, we have put together 40 free to use bokeh brushes to help you create bokeh effects for your work. With these brushes, you can make the background of your work look stunning and visually attractive as well. You can use these brushes to put focus on an object and make the background look attractive as well.

Bokeh Brush

One wish

4 Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

Bokeh Heart Brush Pack

Bokette Bokeh Photosop Brush

Bokeh brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Ps Brushes

Croi’s Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Effect Brushes

Bokeh Brush

Bokeh brushes

Bokeh Effects Pack – 42 Free Images

Crazy firework bokeh stock

Colourful Bokeh Effect

Bokeh Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

April’s Deluxe Bokeh Set

Bokeh effect photoshop brushes

Bokeh effect

Horizon Bokeh Brushes

Brushes Effect Bokeh


Bokeh Brushes- Hearts

Light bokeh and neon heart

Bokeh Brushes


Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Circle Brush

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes II

Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes III

Bokeh Brush

15 High Quality Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

Light Brushes


Bokeh Brush Stamps

Bokeh Brush

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Will no doubt be like the silhouette crazy/colors/nature craze. One artist starts doing it (Silveryn from Deviantart) back about a decade ago now, and then everyone else decides they’ll do it to and start copying his works to the point where you still see clones today, 10 years later.

This will be overdone as well.

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Really its so great and hot. I can use it in my designs.

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