By AN Jay on September 6, 2011

Infographic: Killer Facts And Statistics About Google Plus

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Google Plus is the most talked about social nework these days and is considered to be the NEXT BIG THING! It’s launch and the thirst for invites is visible on almost all other social networks, between users. So today i will share this awesome infographic with you which contains some killer facts you may not know of! By the way, we are on Google+ too, please feel free to add us in your circle to get updated with latest free resources on the web.

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Seriously? 72% + 28% + 20% = 100% ?
17,950,433 + 7,726,716 + 5,142,077 = about 26,000,000 ?

Did you guys ever hear about a thingy called “Maths”?

Let me enlighten you:

17,950,433 + 7,726,716 + 5,142,077 = 30,819,226 (we call that about 31,000,000)

17,950,433 / 30,819,226 = 58% Guys
7,726,716 / 30,819,226 = 25% Gals
5,142,077 / 30,819,226 = 17% Others

So… tell me again why I should believe anything you say?

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@Daniel Bos, it seems like they did not count the “Others” category in Total Population, maybe they are aliens and rarely use Google+ :)

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Funny as Mark is #1 user on Google+, Do I see merging ahead? :)

Google+ is not “much talked about” anymore, nor is ther eANYONE left who considers itthe “next bigthing.”

Did you write this 2 months ago and forget to post it then?

“So…tell me again why I should believe anything you say?”

“Tonight’s guest on Smashing Apps Forums is best know as the guy with his panties bunched so far up his ass you can read the label when he opens his mouth…ladies and gentlemen….Daniel Bos!”

People don’t come here for math lessons dude. Relax.

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Sure are a lot of people hopping on the Google+ bandwagon… Will be interesting to see if this new social platform can live up to the hype, or if it can get to the same level as Facebook.

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