Cartoon: I Am An iPhone Killer! No, You Are Not


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  1. Jeff says:

    In my honest opinion I thought this article was terrible and it actually made me unsubscribe from the Smashingapps RSS because I’m sick to death hearing about how wonderful iPhone’s are without any justification.

    This article didn’t even try to explain why the iPhone was so superior.

    And yes, I don’t like the iPhone. My main reason is that I find it extremely limiting and the interface and navigation is very clumsy.

  2. Mahmoud says:

    AMAZING! & So True 🙂
    I LOVE iphone..

  3. Meteora says:

    crap by someone who loves iPhone …
    just keep dreaming ..
    when u wake up, iPhone will have been obsolete..
    just go s**k Mr. Steve Job d**k

  4. Torbjörn Lööv says:

    Problem is that there hasn’t been a phone telling you they are the iPhone killer. It has always been the media. Makes you wonder if media are so tired of iPhone, that they want to see it beaten by any another phone. Don’t know, but the truth is out there.

  5. Sjaak Hamer says:

    This seems almost like Apple propaganda to me. Android FTW!!11

  6. willemrt says:

    Pretty sure its not a race between devices but a race between platforms. That’s why this cartoon misses the boat for me.

  7. Frostmourne says:

    I don’t know which phone it was, but the iPhone has already been beaten. Android has conquered.

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  9. Josie says:

    I love the iPhone, but I hate this comic. The quality of the illustrations is reminiscent of outdated technology that someone has attempted to modernize without wanting to put in effort.

  10. زفات says:

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