Five Excellent Business Management Web Apps


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  1. NHLJersey says:

    good catch!

  2. Angel Grablev says:

    Another great addition would be the free Basecamp Alternative.

  3. task management says:

    Great article, there are good apps for business management. I’d just include Teambox or Basecamp for example

  4. Sahil P says:

    Thanks for featuring DeskAway!

    Sahil // founder

  5. Umer says:

    Than ks for sharing these Business Management Apps

  6. Usman says:

    Business Management Apps are popular among corporate personalities

  7. Dusan says:

    We use Manitoo. Nice tool with everything at one place for a company with 7 employees doing webdesign and software development.

  8. Stefan Sjoglimt says:

    Last year we created a new website to be able to publish business solutions for different categories. The site has been highly appreciated since it gives the users opportunity to stay at the site to find all information for the solutions. includes the possibility for software vendors to include links, screenshots and even YouTube video for the products they are including.
    So, even though this is a bit of a sales description of the site, I hope you will find good for your software evaluation.

  9. John says:

    Oh! Nice posting. I think to manage all client interactions, document sharing, discussions about quotes, etc this must be another incredible tool

  10. Alex S says:

    These tools are pretty good, our team has used a couple of them, but we have recently switched to another product and are currently testing it out. So far, it has been very good for our process. Axosoft’s Ontime:

    It has been great for agile scrum software development. I would be interested in learning about what you and others think and if you have used OnTime or any other similar products?

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