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50 Free Web UI, Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits And Source Files For Designers

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Designers always need some basic user interface elements to create a model of user interface either of a website or software. For that, they need wireframing and UI design kits which help them mock-up the user interface.

In this roundup, we have collected some web and mobile user interface kits which come handy in creating low-fidelity example for your projects. Hope, you will like this collection. Enjoy! Feel free to share your opinion with us.

Wireframe Kits and Web UI PSD’s

Simple UI Elements

Simple UI Elements is a clean, well organized PSD file containing common user interface elements for web and app designs.

Web kit interface layout pack

Free kit of web elements: icons buttons arrows menu bars web boxes ui scrollbar checkboxes.

Blue Modern Web GUI

Blue Modern Web UI is a clean, well organized PSD file with example buttons and form elements.

Keynote Wireframe Templates

The following vector user interface elements are designed in Apple Keynote, and are fully editable and customizable without needing additional tools.

Peter’s DeivantART ID Ver1.3

Including the MINI and Original ID Templates, Total of 15 professional designed template for easy start; This is a fully customizable template.

Wireframe Shapes

This is a set of shapes for making wireframes (low-fidelity web page schematics) in OmniGraffle version 5.x (Mac OS X). It consists of most of the basic elements you’ll need to create user interface specifications.

Colorfill boxes

A set of colored boxes.

Wireframe Symbols

This download contains the symbol library and a full Adobe Illustrator file with all of the elements spread out on the art board.

Stencil kit

Controls stencil from the Design Stencil kit in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

Squetch Wireframing Toolkit for Illustrator

Sqetch is a little Illustrator-toolkit, consisting of several templates and elements: Browser, iPad upright, iPad landscape, Smartphone, GUI-Elements, Form-Elements

Big Block UI

Big Block UI is a fresh take on common user interface elements. The PSD is well organized and colors can easily be changed.

Sleek Video Player

Sleek Video Player is a PSD file with 3 different style player interfaces. This is a great starting point for creating your own custom player.

Browser Form Elements PSD

This set contains Mac Firefox 3 and another for Vista IE7.


This is a free set of elements for sketching and wireframing. It consist of form elements, icons, indicators, feedback messages, tooltips, image placeholders, sliders and navigation elements.

Photoshop form element templates

This set contains all common standard form fields, mouse and link pointer and are optimized for ease-of-use.

Web Browser Elements

An excellent and useful kit, this resource contains pull-down menus, input fields, radio buttons, check boxes, buttons, text fields and scroll bars, all within an easily editable PSD file.

Modern Web UI Set

A Beautiful and modern Web UI Set for use in web design, applications and print.

UI Design Kit

This web UI template kit is made completley with shape objects and in some cases converted into SmartObjects. So they’re totally scalable.

OmniGraffle UI Stencils

This set includes shapes for making wireframes. It consists of most of the basic elements you will need to create user interface specifications.

Free Full Layered Facebook GUI PSD Kit

The main idea behind the kit is to speed up the prototyping of Facebook application UIs and Facebook fan pages.

Download a Stencil Kit

This Stencil Kit version is available for OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), Adobe Illustrator (PDF and SVG), and Adobe Photoshop (PNG), and covers the following topics:

OmniGraffle Stencil for Ext JS v3.0

This is the updated version of popular Ext JS Omnigraffle stencil, This update contains many improvements and additions, namely that we were able to recreate most Ext JS elements as graffletopia shapes or groups. This is especially helpful for resizing titles, tables cells, and so on.

Flex 3 Stencil

This stencil set Includes all Flex components from Flex 3 Style Guide: panels, data grid, buttons, fields, links, toggle, data picker, tool tip, errors, menu, scrolls, accordion, tabs, list.

Aqua GUI

A series of elements inspired by the GUI Design Palette 1.2 and the Mac OS X interface stencils, based upon Aqua, and mainly aimed at making simple windows designs.

Facebook Applications

A sizable collection of Facebook related elements to use in creating wireframes for Facebook applications.

Flex Darkskin PSD UI

This set contains 16 different PSD file.

Web Wireframe Kit

Simple way to plan the layout and a cost effective, time saving wireframe kit for web designers.

Quommunnication Stencil Kit

This set contains design elements for wireframing, RSS feed icons, colors, Advertising units, browser windows and grids.

Mac OS X Interface 2

A beautiful interface stencil kit, this one makes extensive use of tables, for maximum flexibility while maintaining pixel precision.

Template for Blueprint CSS Comps

It allow you to create visual design comps that are designed to be implemented using a CSS layout framework. The Adobe Illustrator document features a 24 column grid for CSS frameworks such as Blueprint.

Best Practice UX Forms

Useful stencil kit that provides different button layouts, a progress indicator, captcha code input field, labels and more.

Mobile Related GUI PSD’s

Android GUI PSD

Photoshop file with elements of Android 1.5 GUI to help open-source community with application mock-ups.

iPhone UI Kits

This psd icludes Switch controller, Segment controller, Page controller, Slider, Simple textfield and Search box and buttons

iPhone 4 PSD : HD

Everything is in the title, it’s a PSD who represent the iPhone 4, the more realistic, & the highest resolution iPhone 4 PSD. It’s a 3000×4000 Photoshop Document.

iPhone PSD Vector Kit

This set contains several button elements as well as six different iPhone interface options.

RIM Blackberry PSD

A comprehensive psd with layer styles, this is 135 layers of photoshop goodness.

iPhone GUI PSD Version 4

This version of the template has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Based on iOS4, it includes all the elements you need to design proof-of-concepts or production ready assets.

Google Android GUI PSD

This set contains basic GUI elements, built using vectors to scale, for the Android.

Fireworks template for Android

In this Fireworks template the Android user interface elements have been redrawn as vector images. In the folders the elements have been mostly labeled according to the Android vocabulary.

iPad GUI PSD Kit

This set includes full size graphic, as well as 256px, 128px and 64px icons sizes.

Android GUI PSD Vector Kit

This PSD is based on elements of Android 1.5 GUI and was made to help open-source community with Android applications mock-ups.

iPad Stencil for Omnigraffle

This set contains backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, and other iPhone UI elements, text is fully editable on lists, title bars, buttons, and scroll wheels.

iPhone GUI Elements

Beautitul set of iPhone elementsm, all iPhone graphics are layered Photoshop files.

Android Sketch Stencil

Sketch style Android OmniGraffle template.

iPad and iPhone Design

Design your application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices with this exhaustive set of stencils. All stencils have been originally created by hand with native OmniGraffle shapes and groups and can be scaled, resized and exported to other vector formats in Graffle.

Palm Pre GUI PSD

Contains PSD to help designers pitch and develop polished concepts using a tool their pretty familiar with, Photoshop.

All elements of Maemo 5 GUI in PSD

Download PSD file that contains templates GUI-elements for the platform Maemo. It is very necessary thing for prototyping GUI applications running on the Maemo-devices.

Design Stencil for iPhone and iPad

A stencil for designing iPhone OS applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. The stencil, for now, is targeted at developers familiar with the default characteristics of views and controls provided by UIKit.

iPhone UI Vector Elements

Most of the visuals for applications start out as vector mockups in Adobe Illustrator. So here is some coolest iPhone UI Vector Elements.

ipad vector GUI elements: tabs buttons menus icons | Icon Library

It includes scalable and totally editable vector versions, this set contains almost all ipad UI elemments, including buttons, tabs, menus, keyboard, balloms, etc etc… very useful for designers and developers.

Apple iPad fully editable PSD

This set is fully editable Apple iPad in PSD format. Every element you see is editable via vector masks. Everything is scaleable.

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Great list.

We’ve just launched some UI and wireframing stickynotes at which you may be interested in. You can also download free UI sketching templates from here.

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