By Umar Anjum on December 8, 2010

9 Free Online Alarm Clocks To Help You Wake Up

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Don’t have an alarm clock? No need to worry. Thanks to web developers, you now have countless websites that can work as alarm clocks. We have gathered 9 such free to use websites. Find them below and see which one can be of most use to you.

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Online Clock


Online Clock is simple alarm clock that lets you set the alarm at a specific time – hours and minutes. At the alarm time, an annoying sound is played which is bound to wake you up. Visit Online Clock @

Kuku Klok


Kuku Klok lets you choose the sound that goes off at the alarm time. You can choose from cockerel, a classic alarm clock, electronic, slayer guitar, and military trumpet. Check out Kuku Klok @

Avnoy Alarm Set


Avnoy Alarm Set provides both, digital and analog representations of a clock. The date is also displayed. You can set the alarm to go off at any time and choose from these sounds: beeper, slow melody, and fast melody. Check out Avnoy Alarm Set @

Naked Alarm Clock


Naked Alarm Clock displays the current time and alarm time simultaneously. Available alarm sounds are named simple alarm clock, alien alarm, digital alarm, and bugle reveille. Visit Naked Alarm Clock @

Music Alarm Clock


Music Alarm Clock will make many people happy because it lets you play your favorite songs as the alarm sound. Simply select the alarm time and the song from the provided list. Check out Music Alarm Clock @

Alarm Tube


Alarm Tube lets you play any YouTube video when the alarm goes off. Moreover you can enter the alarm time in natural language e.g. “in 30 minutes” or “tomorrow at 6am” or “7:30pm.” Check out Alarm Tube @

Sleep FM


At your specified alarm time Sleep FM tells you the weather conditions and other news gathered from the internet. If your internet goes down, a backup alarm is played. The site also allows setting alarm via bookmarks so you can quickly set the desired alarms. Check out Sleep FM @



Klokoo is another easy-to-setup alarm clock that displays the date, current time, and alarm time simultaneously. You can choose from various alarm clock sounds. Visit Klokoo @



Metaclock will appeal to many internet users. In addition to playing different sounds at the alarm time, it lets you display the day’s news, hottest offers, and horoscope. You can also schedule display of any note and the auto-opening of up to two URLs. Check out Metaclock @

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Dear Smashing Apps Editors,

We just discovered your blog post…thanks so much for including us!

I hope it’s OK when I mention that Online Clock went online back in March, 2006 (check this on Therefore, we really are the first online alarm clock website.

Not only that: when you click on the small clock icon on the upper left of the page, you’ll find links to over a dozen different free online clocks, timers, stopwatches and countdowns on our site…including even the world’s first online version of a clock radio!

Thanks again very much for writing about us :)

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